Accounting Software Simplifies Doing Business

This PRO’s switch to the cloud gives him flexibility and ways to improve customer service
Accounting Software Simplifies Doing Business
Bill Strauss, owner of Talquin Portable Restrooms.

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Bill Strauss, owner of Talquin Portable Restrooms in Midland, Florida, says QuickBooks Online is “the greatest thing since sliced bread.” As a full accounting system it creates invoices, tracks sales, manages accounts payable, generates tax reports, keeps track of inventory, and more.

He especially likes the invoicing feature. He sends about 80 percent of his customers an invoice by email now, and many of them pay it online with a credit card as soon as they get it. “They pay via the email that they’re getting,” he says. “That made things a whole lot easier.”

Strauss says he originally had some concerns about privacy and security when using a cloud-based system. “I was leery at first,” he says. “I was afraid my business would be ‘out there’ so to speak.”

But he now feels Intuit has sufficient security and privacy safeguards in place to give him peace of mind. For example, the system knows what computer he normally signs in from. “If it sees you’re signing in from a different computer,” he says, “it’s going to send you a verification email.” The system also has different permission levels, so not everyone who uses it will necessarily have access to everything on it.

Strauss says he uses the program every day, whether it’s to post deposits, record payments or pull up sales figures. “[My accountant also has access to it] so I don’t have to back up stuff to disks and take it to him.” And of course the system comes with an app. “I can access my software on my phone from anywhere,” Strauss says. “So if I’m not in the office and a customer has a question about an invoice, I can easily pull it up and give them an answer.”

Strauss made the switch to QuickBooks Online from the desktop version about four years ago and couldn’t be happier he did.

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