Small Tweaks Streamline Your Operation

Even your deodorizer routine should be evaluated to see where you can save time or reduce costs

Small Tweaks Streamline Your Operation

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It’s easy to miss opportunities to cut expenses when you keep doing things the way you’ve always done them. But you’re doing your business a disservice if you’re not routinely monitoring expenses and finding ways to streamline your processes.

Such was the case for Brother Frommeyer of River Parish Disposal, a trash collection and portable sanitation company in Metairie, Louisiana. Up until five years ago, the company used concentrated deodorizing liquids that required mixing. But when they finally looked into the time spent on that process, they decided to switch to portion-controlled tablets. 

“We got away from the liquid because we just thought it slowed down productivity and there was a lot of waste,” Frommeyer says. He notes some trucks have water and chemical tanks and can automatically mix them in the proper proportions, but his trucks don’t have that capability, so it’s a guessing game for his technicians. 

“If you tell somebody to put a couple ounces in a bucket of water, a couple ounces to one person might be more or less than someone else,” he says. “This way you can’t screw it up. You take a bucket of water and you throw a tablet in it.” The tablets prevent someone from either wasting product or under-using it and running the risk a customer might complain, requiring a return trip. 

The tablets also speed up the process, Frommeyer says, which is especially valuable when they have a lot of units to clean in a short amount of time. While Frommeyer thinks the liquid products might be a little more potent if mixed properly, it’s so hit or miss and time-consuming that he doesn’t feel it’s worth it. 

The company buys two different types of tablets, one for regular use and one for special events. “If you service a toilet once a week, you need something that’s going to hold its fragrance until the next service,” Frommeyer explains. “But for a special event, you usually pump them out the next day so why spend the money on something that’s so potent when you’re going to suck it out the next morning.” 

Frommeyer intends to occasionally monitor performance, but so far, he’s happy with the switch. “We did do the research, and we feel that the (tablet) is helping out with productivity and price,” he says. 

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