Create a Plan to Avoid Restroom Placement Issues

A site visit and lots of communication with the customer will save you time and headaches when it comes to delivering restrooms for a big event

Create a Plan to Avoid Restroom Placement Issues

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Taking a new order is such a success. But just as quickly, you can get bogged down in details like delivery time and placement. Customers think that placement is one of the easiest parts of the order. Commonly they will say, “Just call me when you get here, and I will show you where to place the toilets.”

But as we all know, that never works. They either don’t answer their phone or they have unrealistic expectations of what we can do. Last summer, I had a customer request that we hand-truck the toilets into a freight elevator and bring them to the roof of a building in Manhattan, New York. For a hefty fee, I agreed, only to get to the location on delivery day and the freight elevator wasn’t big enough. 

When there is an opportunity, I always request a site visit before delivery, especially if there are any concerns about placement or fit. Customers believe that a trailer can be placed on a hill or that a driver can carry a full toilet up stairs. These requests can sometimes be done, but planning is required and expectations have to be agreed upon by both parties. In some cases, placement options may be so bad that you just can’t make that customer happy. So it is really important to talk before the day of delivery.

Taking the time to measure out the space and talk through the process of delivery can alleviate a lot of the delivery headache. You can take pictures or draw a placement map for the driver, which makes the whole delivery process go by faster. As a bonus, you might even be able to upsell them into a nicer unit or more restrooms. 

It is also really important to talk through the end user’s experience with your customer. Maybe the event is televised and restrooms have to be strategically placed so they don’t show up in the camera. Or it’s a running event and you don’t want people lining up in the street to use the restroom.  

As we all know, weather can make or break one of your events. We have been responsible for more lawn damage than I would like to admit. Usually this occurred when the ground was too wet after the event. It is never ideal to lay boards to drive on, but you also don’t want to pay to reseed part of a golf course. A 28-feet-long restroom trailer that weighs almost 13,000 pounds can do a lot of damage, so take the opportunity to delay pickup or plan accordingly.

Lastly, if the event requires servicing, make sure you place the restrooms so that servicing works for you. Placing the toilets in banks speeds up the process. You also want to make sure that there are breaks in the banks so you can easily access all the units with the hose.

There is no perfect science to placement, and you may not always be able to sway a customer to your way of thinking. But it is worth the time to plan ahead and talk through the process with drivers and customers before jumping into anything.

About the author: Alexandra Townsend is co-owner of A Royal Flush, based in Philadelphia.


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