Get Ready to Go After Construction Contracts

Good news for PROs: Construction starts are on the rise

Get Ready to Go After Construction Contracts

Be on the lookout for new construction contracts in your area. The industry is seeing an increase, and that’s good news for you.

According to a recent report from Dodge Data & Analytics:

“New construction starts in June climbed 11 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $896.3 billion. The increase marked the second double-digit gain in a row, following the 15 percent hike that was reported for May. Boosting activity in June was a sharp 57 percent advance for nonresidential building, which benefitted from the start of two massive manufacturing plant projects and two massive office building projects.”

And don’t forget residential builders either. “Residential building in June was $323.0 billion (annual rate), up 4 percent. Multifamily housing grew 9 percent in June, advancing for the second month in a row after weak activity in April,” the report says.

If you’re not sure how to go about finding construction customers, here are some tips from A Royal Flush owner Alexandra Townsend:

We will print a list of every customer we have, by state or location, and start calling them. We update their records, asking if we have the correct phone numbers and email addresses. Before the call ends, we ask if they have any business coming up that they might need us for. We follow up that call by sending a brochure and letter with a notepad. If they put the notepad on their desk, our phone number is always in front of them. That is a win in my book.

Next we start cold-calling. I hand out the construction Blue Books, which are by state, to each customer service person in the office. They start at the beginning of the book and call every company listed. 

They are given a script because cold-calling can be really hard for some people. Cold-calling tends to bring out the nasty side of the people on the receiving end. So your staff will at times get yelled at or hung up on. It can be hard to make 30 or 40 cold calls in a row, so a script really helps them stick with it.

The script outlines questions like “Does your company use portable toilets?” or “Do you have work coming up in our service areas?” Hopefully the call ends with us sending them a quote for some upcoming work. Quotes are done by email, so that makes it easy to send a follow-up email in a couple of weeks.


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