Restroom Reports

Not-quite news concerning PROS and portable restrooms from around the web

Restroom Reports

Disgruntled users of a Hawaiian soccer park state they’ve had to deal with a lot more than just missing toilet paper or dirty restrooms recently: Maggots have been found crawling out of the portable restrooms at the Kauai County park as well. Not exactly the example we like to see being set in the PRO community, eh?

Hundreds of players, parents, and coaches are up in arms over the inoperable restrooms, and complaints have flooded the Kauai County Parks and Recreation Department. County officials have passed the buck and say the restrooms are not their responsibility as they are provided and serviced under contract with a vendor, Tyri. County officials also point out that their hands are tied, as Tyri provided the only bid to provide the restrooms at the park last year. 

However county officials also concede that they do not plan to renew the contract with the company and will seek other companies for bids. Read all about the brouhaha here.

When will they learn? Organizers of the inaugural SKOOKUM Festival in Vancouver vastly undershot the number of portable restrooms needed for the festival billed as “Music. Food. Art.” Rather than smooth logistics and manageable lines, attendees found bathroom lines in excess of 45 minutes the first night, and it got progressively worse with wait times ballooning up to 2 hours the second night, according to attendees.

What’s the saying — You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink? Maybe it’s time festival organizers such as these learn to take the drink and order the suggested number of portables. Follow the festival inanity here.

A Middleton, Wisconsin, man thought he was being clever when hiding a knife in the holding tank of a portable restroom after allegedly stabbing another carnival worker more than 20 times. However, Jason Thomas didn’t seem to know that pumping restroom tanks is par for the course for most PROs, and so a service technician quickly recovered the knife. The co-worker survived and Thomas was taken into custody. Get more details here 

In yet more sickening news, police in Boulder, Colorado, are on the lookout for an alleged potty-peeper. The peeper vandalized the portable restroom by poking a hole in it, through which he recorded a woman using the restroom. The restroom was taken out of service, and the peeper has yet to be caught.

News about portable restrooms is a bit thin on the ground this month, but no news is good news, right? If you want to read another funny restroom-related write-up, read this column about a special event restroom trailer. We’re going to lunch.


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