Thank a veteran, and employ one if you can

What's your connection to Veterans Day?

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Veterans Day is coming up on Monday, which makes this a good time to thank veterans for their service to the country and check if PROs have stories to tell about serving in the military, placing restrooms for Veterans Day events, or hiring veterans to work on your team.

My closest connection to Veterans Day is my late father, Earl Kneiszel, who served in the Army Air Corps in the Pacific during World War II. Like many in his generation, he didn’t like to talk much about his service or dwell on the challenges he faced keeping bombing crews in the air as an aircraft mechanic. When I could draw out stories, he told about the difficult shipboard ocean crossing and seeing the devastation when flying over Japan after the atomic bombs to drop supplies for survivors.

This week is a time for me to reflect on the important contributions my father and millions of other soldiers have made to protect our freedoms. But more than reflect, we need to reach out and thank a veteran.

Do you have any Veterans Day stories to share? Do you employ a veteran, or will you consider hiring a veteran the next time your company has an opening? Will you be serving any veterans’ groups in the coming week with portable sanitation?

Tell us about your connection to Veterans Day right here.

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