Red Carpet Restrooms

Manufacturers showcase upscale special events restrooms at the Pumper & Cleaner Expo in Louisville.

Some areas of portable restroom service are less prone to be impacted by an economic slowdown. While sanitation contractors in some locations are reporting lagging unit rentals for residential construction, strong markets remain to help take up the slack at the traditional beginning of the busy season in 2008.

Economic woes won’t stop organizers of Midwestern county fairs from planning hog-calling contests. Outdoor music festivals will still hit a high note on warm summer nights. You might see folks drive less because of the high price of gas, but they’ll still take in the races at their local track and at NASCAR venues across the country.

And weddings? Well, don’t expect happy couples to delay their big day just because finances might be a little tight. One thing you can count on is that a discerning bride-to-be isn’t going to skimp on clean portable restrooms for the big outdoor reception.

Restroom contractors may have to rely on special events as their income-producing ace in the hole this summer. Or, if the construction rentals remain strong in pockets of the country, the concerts, ballgames and weddings may be a growing profit center.

Manufacturers of portable restrooms know the emphasis this year is not necessarily on more restrooms, but on better restrooms. And that being the case, restroom makers showed plenty of upscale models at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International in Louisville earlier this year.

Making the red carpet at the industry’s largest product showcase were restrooms with added elbowroom, new convenience features and sturdier components for flawless performance at special events. And don’t forget new colors. Splashes of bright yellow, all-white models for weddings and a variety of new pastels were shown.

If you’re considering a special events restroom makeover for 2008, look at what these Expo exhibitors had to offer.

PolyJohn Fleet Series

PolyJohn Enterprises continued to show the Fleet Series at the Expo. The tried and true unit features a freshwater flush system, a rounded exterior with convenient recessed handles and a spacious, well-appointed interior. A corner waste tank provides added room to maneuver inside the unit. Smooth molded interior surfaces and foot pumps keep the Fleet Series clean and hygienic throughout event usage. Features aimed at special event users include Breathe Easy ventilation system, door mirror, a tank with deep sump area, greater aerodynamics and hover handles. Optional equipment includes key-lock doors, freshwater sink, freshwater flush or recirculating flush, non-splash urinal, extra large vanity mirror, shelf with hooks and solar lighting. Visit or call 800/292-1305.

T.S.F. Tuff-Jon III

T.S.F. Co. Inc. showed its Tuff-Jon III portable restroom, which converts from a durable standard unit to a solid special events performer with several creature comfort options. The Tuff-John offers durability and cleanability through a rotational molding manufacturing process that produces a one-piece polyethylene restroom unit with consistent 3/16-inch thick walls. The Tuff-Jon III has a 44- by 48-inch cabin, an enlarged skylight and improved ventilation. The interior features an angled seat for added shoulder room and a floor that tapers toward the door for easy cleaning. Comfort options include a narrow 15-gallon sink, hand sanitizer, hand towel dispensers and a thermostatically controlled rooftop AC-powered fan and heater unit. Visit or call 800/843-9286.

PolyPortables Boudoir and Family Room

PolyPortables Inc. addressed the need for quality special events restrooms with the feature-filled Boudoir model and its new sister unit, the Family Room. In a new display concept, PolyPortables pulled the doors off select units to give a better peek at interior changes. One upgrade is the Family Room special events unit, which includes a convenient baby-changing station. The Family Room, built in an enhanced-access unit shell, and the well-established Boudoir are designed to provide a clean, spacious environment for VIP users and an affordable restroom that comes in a variety of standard colors. Standard features for both include flip-top tank, flush lid, Pro22 hand-wash station, full-length mirror, lotion spray soap dispenser, towel dispenser, three purse-coat hooks and a motion-activated light (soon to feature LED technology). Visit or call 800/241-7951.

Hampel Corp. 1.5

Hampel Corp. focused in on the importance of splashy color combinations to consumers by introducing three specific new choices in its roomy 1.5 model. The Taj is white with gray interior accents designed for wedding usage. The Oro Rojo is a gold and red unit with color-coordinated interior colors. The Grandeur is produced in a classy two-tone gray to provide a neutral backdrop for any event. The special units feature a StyleLight single-station sink with towel holder and soap dispenser, an oversized mirror and a recirculating flush system. Both come in the Country Classic and Global styles. Baby-changing stations with aluminum wall reinforcement turn the 1.5 into a family unit. Visit or call 800/549-1558.

Armal Top Line Recirculating

The Armal Top Line restroom was introduced with Scent Box technology, an embedded fragrance, as well as an embedded graphics option called MyBox. The Top Line features beefier hinges, ergonomic door latch and other upgrades. The standard unit is offered with a recirculating kit to create a flushing, closed-tank unit to serve a wider range of portable sanitation clients. The recirculating unit comes standard with a three-roll toilet paper holder, accessory storage, urinal with drain, inside door handle, foot pump, waste flap inside tank, hidden hoses for easier cleaning and maintenance and filtered hoses. Scent Box is offered in five scents and colors, with the scent embedded into the plastic during the manufacturing process. The units are Strawberry Field, Apple Blossom, Pinewood Trail, Rose Sensation and Vanilla Bean. Visit or call 770/491-6410.

Five Peaks Aspen and K2

Five Peaks Technology displayed the Aspen and K2 models aimed at the special events market. As a nod to the international market, Five Peaks showed an optional Asian squatting and flushing unit, as well as introducing the Alpine model, which has a squarer appearance than the other Five Peaks models. The Aspen and K2 Elite models feature the Sierra Side Kick Plus custom-formed sink. The system allows the entire seat assembly and bowl to be raised for ease of service. The freshwater tank is easy to fill and has a drain plug to evacuate unused water, making the unit easier to move. The rotomolded skid and tank are reinforced for a longer life and have a granite finish. Visit or call 866/293-1502.

Synergy World High Tech II

Synergy World showed its High Tech II restroom for the second year, filling a niche between standard restrooms and small restroom trailers. The High Tech II is larger in all aspects than its predecessor, the High Tech I. It’s wider, taller, has more floor space and offers a larger tank capacity, almost 90 gallons. Designed for hands-free use, standard features include a solar light, improved ventilation and a four-roll bathroom tissue holder. It also offers many high-end optional accessories, including a stainless steel freshwater flush bowl, 11-gallon sink, and larger mirror. Visit www.portable or call 800/352-1986.

Satellite Maxim 3000

Satellite Industries promoted the time-tested Maxim 3000 portable restroom for reliable special event usage. The Maxim is designed for easy handling and convenient maintenance in a durable, long-lasting package. The Maxim 3000 can easily become an economical flushing unit. The unit’s base serves as the freshwater tank and the outlet/inlet port located on the outside back wall allows for easy freshwater service. The Maxim 3000 is available with either hand flush or turbo foot flush function with a wide variety of interior dispenser and sink options. Visit or call 800/328-3332.

NuConcepts VIP and Prestige

NuConcepts once again displayed the upscale VIP and Prestige restrooms for the special events market. This year they boasted new 5,000 Btu air conditioners and enhanced ventilation control. The VIP and Prestige restrooms are available as single units or in a trailer-mounted configuration for convenient transport. VIP trailers are offered in two- or four-unit models. Prestige trailers include two- or three-unit models. NuConcepts units are used for special events requiring upscale facilities, but where space, budget constraints or utility connections are considerations. Visit or call 800/334-1065.


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