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Computer software takes the guesswork out of service stops, deliveries, inventory and vehicle maintenance, while streamlining customer billing

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Today’s paperless office technology takes the guesswork out of restroom delivery and service stops, optimizing routes and increasing employee efficiency. Real-time work orders and service maps maximize route efficiency, eliminating missed or canceled stops. On-site billing and electronic customer receipts ensure prompt payment and time-consuming reminders. Here is a sampling of the latest office technology software.


Clear Computing Inc.

Total Activity Control software from Clear Computing Inc. provides a variety of tools for the paperless office. Billing, regular or special event invoices can be sent to customers via email or fax, while receivables can be managed along with integrated credit card processing. The program allows work orders or service routes to be emailed to drivers, who can open detailed work assignments with attached maps in mobile devices, then write notes or capture a customer’s signature and electronically return completed orders to the office. A GPS-Relay iPhone app enables drivers to update the office with their status, location and timestamp. Customer lists also can be accessed from TAC and used to create proposals that can be converted to work orders and invoices. 888/332-5327; www.clearcomputing.com.


EZTrakR Systems Inc.

PulseStar and iButton technology from EZTrakR Systems Inc. provides positive service validation, eliminating the need for service stickers. The bundled software system records services, tracks employee productivity and route service stops, provides an automated timecard and updates inventory. The system also provides one-touch billing and QuickBooks integration, along with missed service reports. The iButton records delivery, pickup or service date and time. Data is captured with each vibrated touch of the weather- and dust-resistant reader that automatically updates customer accounts with each download. 866/529-1938; www.eztrakr.com.


My Service Depot

Smart Service software from My Service Depot is fully integrated with QuickBooks accounting software (2008 and newer) and designed for companies with field service employees. Program features assist with routing, scheduling, dispatching, mapping, CRM and mobile data collection. Other features include iPhone and iPad mobile solution for field employees that does not require constant Internet connection, drop-and-drag scheduling screen, Smart Find routing to ensure quick and efficient service scheduling, marketing campaigns for increased sales, estimates, customer notes and correspondence to track full account history. The program also includes a standard and custom report tool, mapping and GPS on mobile workforce screen. A mobile version for laptops is available. 888/518-0818; www.myservicedepot.com.



Designed with Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology, waste management software from Operasoft handles service requests, provides real-time dispatching, GPS tracking, supplier/contract management and invoicing. The MODIS terminal with optional onboard touch screen provides drivers/operators with job lists and comments/instructions that pop up per location. The system requires no on-site installation. Dispatchers can track real-time progress, view work completed and open/closed service calls on Google Earth. A portable printer for receipts is available. The modular system can import information from various databases, including GPS coordinates and photos, tracking maintenance due, both performed and pending. Preventive fleet management is accomplished through vehicle repair orders and end-of-day inspections. 888/986-7372; www.operasoft.ca.


Ritam Technologies LP

Summit Rental Profit Builder software from Ritam Technologies LP directly emails invoices to customers and provides automatic credit card processing and bank deposits with a few keystrokes. The system offers more than 30 ways to bill a jobsite or event. Built-in tools allow for old-style route cards, modern route sheets and mapping optimization of stops. Color-coded graphic routes enable managers to see where overlap or inefficiencies exist. Routes are automatically adjusted for quickest driving time to each site. The program also applies five different cost factors to routes, showing net profit for each, tuning costs for each driver and truck and alerting management when additional attention is required. 800/662-8471; www.ritam.com.


Roadnet Technologies Inc.

The Geotuning productivity-enhancing tool from Roadnet Technologies Inc. is designed to improve the accuracy of location information for transportation fleet owners. The system is a combination of processes that capture large pools of street addresses, geocodes them, and systematically refines the geocodes using both automatic and manual methodology. Features include a next-generation geocoder that identifies where the product is scheduled to be delivered or service performed. An analyzer tool scans for canceled and completed stops, while a third component enables the user to review stops relative to locations and GPS pings to fine-time the arrival/departure radius. 410/847-1900; www.roadnet.com.


VMSoft Products

The SAFE Program from VMSoft Products enables users to organize routes, service schedules, invoice customers, create work orders and contracts as well as record inspections and vehicle maintenance. The program tracks expenses, customer inventory, rentals and monitors alarms. Users can email documents (invoices, contracts, work orders) using Outlook or Windows Live Mail and create an online map of customers viewable from a smartphone or laptop. The program also allows personalized reminders and follow-up emails to be sent to customers. 800/604-7351; www.thesafeprogram.com.


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