Cutting Down the Rolling Odors

When you pump restrooms for a living, your work truck is going to start smelling bad. What can you do to knock down the objectionable scent?

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Any recommendations on a good deodorizer for our pump truck? Whenever the pump is turned on, our truck gives off quite a smell. The tank is emptied every couple of days, but we still have that odor.



Masport has a bolt-on exhaust deodorizer. I used it on my old truck for a while and it severely cut down the odors. You have to refill the canister every so often, depending on how much you are using the truck. So you have to consider two things: First, do you have enough space behind your exhaust to bolt it on? And second, when you attach it, make sure you have enough top clearance to refill the canister.



We regularly take all the hoses and other equipment off the truck and steam-clean the hose trays, then scrub them with a brush and Simple Green. It makes a difference. We can tell when we’re due for another scrub-down.


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