Understanding the Value of Portable Sanitation Services & Charging Fair Rates

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What would you think if two or three times a day everyone at your office left to go to the bathroom at the local gas station? Most likely you would install a bathroom or rent a portable restroom as soon as possible.

Construction companies are no different. They know it would cost them a fortune in lost time if their workers were running down to the local gas station every time they needed to use the bathroom.

As an example, let’s say a job site had 10 workers each making $20 an hour. If each one went to the local gas station once a day to use the restroom it would take at least 15 minutes to drive there and back. Therefore, each trip would cost the construction company a minimum of $5 per day in lost production. Multiply $5 times 10 workers and that is $50 per day. An average month has about 22 workdays. At $50 per day, that would equal $1,100.

What do we charge construction companies for a month of professional service? Whatever the fee, it’s a small fraction of the amount they incur in lost wages from those trips to the gas station. And it’s a bargain. If they were paying $200 per month they would still be saving close to $1000 in production time.

What does that say to all of us? Hopefully, it tells us that we should value our service enough to charge a fair price for it. As contractors, we should set our fees at a level that ensures we can continue to provide professional service and earn a profit. Yes, that seems scary to many operators, but I have found that my customers appreciate my service enough to pay a fair price for quality service.

If your service is exceptional, and you explain to your customers that the cost of doing business keeps rising, most of them are going to stay with you. If you lose a few, then go find a potential customer who is fed up with horrible service and they will be willing to pay your price.


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