Company Introduces New Freshwater Holding Tank System at 2014 Expo

Company Introduces New Freshwater Holding Tank System at 2014 Expo
T.S.F. Company’s Bob Risse, left, explains the features of his company’s new Freshwater Supply tank to an attendee at the 2014 Pumper and Cleaner Environmental Expo International. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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The T.S.F. Company typically introduces one new product at every Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International. In 2014, T.S.F. rolled out the Freshwater Supply, a 100-gallon portable freshwater supply tank designed for job sites or events where non-filtered, non-potable freshwater is needed. According to the company’s office manager, Rosie Stitzman, the new unit was a source of chatter among Expo attendees who operate field offices.

“We normally have polyethylene cylinders around, but never sold them as a stand-alone unit,” says Stitzman. “We’ve been asked if we could do something like this over the years, and this year we decided to do it. One day in the office I asked [company owner] Bob Schenk how tough it would be to make a stand-alone freshwater supply tank out of a cylinder. He got right on it, and after a few days, this is what he came up with.”

The lightweight, 55-pound polyethylene tank stands 69 inches high and has a diameter of 24 inches. The water level is easy to monitor through the semi-transparent tank wall. “This unit is ideal for a mobile field office with a toilet and hand-wash sink,” says Stitzman. “There are a lot of areas where something like this could come in very handy on a job site. The response has been great.”

The model Schenk designed comes with two 3/4-inch spin welds so tanks can be connected together for more capacity. Units come with an automatic shut-off when water reaches 3/4 of an inch from the top, an 8-inch opening for service and clean out, a 3/4-inch seal and plug for the drain, a 3/4-inch pickup tube, a 3/4-inch fitting for filling with a hose and a low-water shut-off.

“We have gotten a lot for requests of this, so it was big hit almost immediately,” says Schenk. “It’s such a great unit for office trailers, so we’re seeing a lot of business in construction and oilfields and other remote work sites.”

The Freshwater Supply also features a Flo-Jet pump that moves 3.8 gpm at a steady 45 psi. “We are very happy with how this one turned out,” says Schenk. “So far the response has been very good. The people I’ve talked with are happy that we’re making something like this.”

Schenk says the new product prompted many Expo conversations with customers he’s never talked to before, generating fresh sales leads for the company that’s been in business for 55 years.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people with more permanent-type trailers that see a big need for freshwater storage for hand-washing, flushing toilets and even showers,” says Schenk. “The nice thing about this unit is that it’s shipped ready to go. All you have to do is fill it up, hook up the hoses and provide power to the pump and you’ll have running water. The automatic shut-off is really nice, too.”

Schenk says plans are already in the works for a new product to introduce next year, as the Expo is renamed the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show.

“We love coming to this show, and it’s always our goal to bring something new and exciting for the industry,” says Schenk. “The last few years have been very good shows for us, and we’re already looking forward to 2015.” 800/843-9286;


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