Cleaning and Maintenance

Professional portable restroom operators need to keep their inventory clean and smelling fresh. Below are compact pressure washers and sprayers, cleaning systems, graffiti removal products and odor control solutions to keep restroom units in optimal condition for users.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Product Focus: Cleaning and Maintenance

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Pressure Washers and Sprayers/Accessories

High-pressure hose reel

The HP1125 high-pressure hose reel from Coxreels, available for 1/2- and 3/4-inch hoses, is designed to handle pressures up to 5,000 psi. The external fluid patch is configured with an electroless nickel-plated steel, 90-degree full-flow NPT swivel inlet and chemical-resistant Aflas seals. It includes a one-piece, all-welded A-frame base, low-profile outlet riser and open-drum slot design to provide a non-crimping, flat, smooth hose wrap. 800/269-7335;

Multipurpose pressure washing hose reel

The versatile PW-2 Series hose reel from Hannay Reels is designed to quickly mount to almost any type of pressure washer. It can be attached to mobile and portable pressure wash equipment, and is used for steam cleaning, spray and washdown applications. It has a pressure rating up to 4,000 psi, and is constructed of 12- and 14-gauge steel with a black powder-coat finish. The unit has an adjustable split-bearing brake assembly and a permanent attached direct-crank rewind. 877/467-3357;

Heavy-duty washdown reel

Heavy-duty washdown reels from Reelcraft are designed to be centrally mounted. They offer longer lengths of larger I.D. hose, are spring retractable and come equipped with garden-hose fittings. Components are made from industrial-grade steel, and ribs are added for stability. The guide arm is adjustable. Parts are individually powder coated for quality, uniform paint adhesion. The result is an abrasion- and corrosion-resistant finish that keeps reels in good condition. 800/444-3134;

Trailer pressure washer

The TRS-2500 trailer pressure washer from Shark Pressure Washers & Jetters delivers up to 3,500 psi and 200-degree water. It is ideal for cleaning in the field where a water supply is not always available. It has a high-density, 200-gallon white polyethylene water tank, 4.7 gpm pressure washer skid with electric start and generator, high- and low-pressure hose reels, two saddle boxes and a rock guard. The unit’s cool bypass allows extended run times by recirculating water through the tank. It has a 39-inch tongue with swing-away hinge for easy storage. 800/771-1881;

Direct-drive cold pressure washer

Direct-drive cold pressure washers from Steam Jenny are powered by 9 or 13 hp Honda GX Series engines and have triplex ceramic plunger pumps. They are available with pressure ratings between 3,000 and 4,000 psi, and flow rates vary between 3 and 4 gpm. A customizable option allows a choice of pressure and flow ratings based on specific needs. Thermal pump protection, an unloader valve and a high-pressure relief valve are standard. The unit will automatically shut down if low oil levels are detected. The chassis is made with durable, powder-coated, seven-gauge steel. They come with a professional-grade insulated trigger gun with safety lock, quick-connect nozzles with nozzle control, high-capacity in-line water strainer, gun/wand holder, hose reel mounting adapter, dual rubber isolators, ball-bearing wheels on a solid axle and flat-free pneumatic tires. 814/445-3400;

Hydraulic-drive pressure washer/washdown pump

The Annovi Reverberi HYD3525 washdown pump from Water Cannon provides a maximum flow rate of 3.5 gpm and a maximum pressure of 2,500 psi, allowing the operator to adjust flow and pressure rates to effectively avoid backsplash. It can be mounted to most trucks and connected to existing hydraulic systems as the pump’s hydraulic requirements start at 7 gpm, and its pressure requirements range from 800 psi upward. Since it is hydraulic-fluid driven, no electric power or gasoline is required; a water supply is all that is needed. Complete plumbing for easy installation is provided. 800/333-9274;

Cleaning Systems

Rotary impingement cleaning machine

The Gamajet 9 automated, rotary impingement cleaning machine enables portable restrooms to be cleaned on site without brushing or scrubbing, and eliminates the need for outsourcing units for cleaning. It quickly blasts away debris from the entire cabin and holding tank in a short time, while eliminating the need for messy manual cleaning. The 5-pound unit is durable, compact and easily maneuverable, allowing for in-field cleaning. It spins and rotates in a precise 360-degree pattern, leaving it clean and odor-free. A complete system includes a Gamajet 9, seat inlet, floor stand, suction pipe, 3/4- to 2-inch adapter, detergent injector and portable pressure washer. 877/426-2538;

Spray cleaning system

The Pathfinders spray cleaning system from Satellite Industries uses hospital-grade disinfectant that kills 86 percent more mold and bacteria than traditional brush and towel methods. The high-pressure sprayer cleans the unit and the low-pressure sprayer applies the disinfectant in less time than the brush method, and kills mold in areas where a brush will not reach, such as behind the tank. It also has an auto-fill option that charges a tank with 6 gallons of water in under a minute, reducing the chance of injury caused by prolonged lifting and pouring from a bucket. 800/328-3332;

Graffiti Removal/Degreaser

Anti-graffiti coating

MCI Wall Defense clear, silicone elastomer-based anti-graffiti coating from Cortec Corporation can be applied to exterior concrete, masonry and metal surfaces. It can be used over various types of masonry that are both coated and uncoated. It is a permanent coating that does not need to be recoated after graffiti removal. After 24 hours of first applying the coating, it can be tagged without affecting the graffiti resistance, and any graffiti can be immediately removed with a cold-water pressure cleaning. It can be reapplied at any time. 800/426-7832;

Industrial-strength cleaner and degreaser

Mean Green Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser from CR Brands has a blend of biodegradable detergents formulated for multi-surface cleaning applications. It tackles multiple facility cleaning applications, reducing the number of cleaning products required and saving inventory costs. It is ideal for cleaning/degreasing walls, floors and production equipment, removing spots from carpet, general carpet cleaning, and cleaning of machinery and components during repair and rebuild without using environmentally harmful solvents. It is effective on concrete floors and is ideal for use with pressure washers. Its slow evaporation rate emits no harmful fumes. It is packaged in a variety of sizes, from 32-ounce trigger spray bottles to 275-gallon totes. 866/447-3369;

Biodegradable graffiti remover

Art Blaster biodegradable graffiti remover from J & J Chemical Co. removes marker, paint, pen, crayons, tar, soap scum, grease and calcium buildup from portable restrooms. It leaves a coating that acts as a protective sheen, renewing the finish to protect units from new graffiti. It is nontoxic and biodegradable, and comes in a green apple fragrance. It is formulated for use on plastic and fiberglass units but can be safely used on stainless steel, upholstery, carpet and most plastics. 800/345-3303;

Graffiti remover

Sans Graffiti gel-formulation cleaning agent from Johnny’s Choice by Chemcorp Industries removes stubborn ink stains and graffiti. It uses the natural, biodegradable cleaning agent D-limonene. The gel formulation adheres to vertical surfaces and can be applied by spraying or brushing. It can be used on a wide variety of surface textures and materials, and rinses away quickly with water. It is available in a variety of container sizes, including 5- and 15-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. 888/729-6478;

Touch-point protectant

BioShield75 positively charged polymer from RestBest-SmartGuard mitigates touch-point contamination for up to 90 days with one application. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-registered nanotechnology chemically bonds to treated surfaces, producing a large amount of quaternary amine swords that puncture bacterial cell membranes to eliminate any possibility of continued bacterial growth, mold, odor and mildew. The cured surface is safe, nontoxic, non-leaching and harmless to human and animal contact. It can be safely and easily applied without affecting day-to-day operations. 800/745-9837;

Odor Control/Portable Restroom Maintentance

Fragrance-incorporated portable restroom

The Scent Wave portable restroom from Armal ensures a pleasant scent inside the unit, creating improved user comfort. Through a process during the early manufacturing phase, a fragrance is incorporated into the wall panels. Fragrances are long lasting, even in extreme temperatures. Scent Wave chemicals are also available for use in the waste tank. Units are ideal for special event use. 866/873-7796;

Deodorant packet

Water-soluble toss-in restroom deodorant packets from Century Chemical Corp. feature Fresh and Clean odor-control technology. The non-formaldehyde product is safe for users and the environment and improves portion control for technicians in the field, saving time and product. The film dissolves in one minute, dispersing the fragrance, dye and chemical to fight odors for seven days. 800/348-3505;

Pump oil odor control additive

Ever-Fresh pump oil additive from Chempace Corporation eliminates offensive odors at their source. Just mix 2 ounces of the additive into a gallon of pump oil. As the pump operates, a fresh fragrance will be emitted instead of offensive odors associated with grease and septic waste. The oil-based formulation will not change the viscosity of the oil. It is available in wild cherry or citrus fragrances. 419/535-0101;

Odor eliminator

Eliminator deodorizers from Del Vel Chem Co. neutralize waste and other foul odors. Available in concentrate and ready-to-use formulas, the neutralizer contains no formaldehyde, phosphates, oxidizing agents or phenols. Featuring non-staining dye, the biodegradable and nontoxic formula is made to work in any temperature. Fragrances include bubble gum, cherry, spice, mulberry and mint. 800/699-9903;

Dry toss deodorizer

Glacier Bay Dry Toss Paks from Five Peaks provide the same odor control, fragrance and deep blue color mask as the company’s liquid deodorant with the convenience of premeasured, ready-to-use pouches. They eliminate the portion guesswork associated with liquids and allow for more accurate inventory control. A premeasured quantity of powder is packed in a water-soluble pouch, preventing waste and contact with product. Just drop a single pack into the holding tank and add water. They are packaged in a stand-up, resealable gusset bag, reducing the risk of exposing the packs to moisture. They are available in two strengths – normal to extreme conditions (heat and humidity) or special events/multiple services. They are formaldehyde-free, biodegradable and environmentally safe. 866/293-1502;

Deodorizing packs

Turbo DriPax from Green Way Products by PolyPortables work like a liquid without the mess, measuring or over-use. They are designed not to stick together when wet and are available in three strengths. Each pouch is filled with the precise amount of dye, fragrance and deodorizer without additional fillers. Drop one pouch into a pre-charged tank; it will immediately begin dissolving, mixing the dye and the deodorizer into the water, and releasing a pleasant fragrance. They are easy to inventory, safe to handle, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 800/241-7951;

Vacuum pump odor control device

The Pumper Scent odor control device from Masport eliminates odors by using the exhaust from the vacuum pump. The vaporizer chamber is placed directly behind the oil separator on the truck setup. Heat and airflow from the vacuum pump activate the scent that bonds with the air molecules to eliminate foul odors from grease traps, septic tanks and portable restrooms. Piping sizes for the vaporizer chamber are available from 1 1/2 to 4 inches so they can be used on all rotary vane vacuum pumps. 800/228-4510;

Jumbo restroom tissue roll

The University Roll from PolyJohn Enterprises saves space and fits most brands of portable restroom dispensers. The jumbo one-ply restroom tissue offers 2.5 times more paper than a standard roll. With a consistently heavier weight, two rolls of paper equal five rolls of the standard options. It is made of 100 percent recycled fiber, and a biodegradable core makes it earth-friendly. It comes 2,500 sheets per roll and 24 rolls per case. 800/292-1305;

Nontoxic urinal blocks

Non-Para urinal blocks from Porta Pro Chem Co. do not utilize paradichlorobenzene, which has been banned by several states due to health safety concerns. The scented blocks are square, so they won’t fall into or block the round connector to the holding tank. Each block weighs 3 ounces, is a non-staining blue, and individually wrapped in plastic to ensure freshness. Blocks are available in the same bubble gum fragrance as the company’s toilet deodorizing chemical and can be made in other scents such as spice, cherry and mulberry. 888/673-5846;

Odor-control packets

Potty Fresh Xtreme Clean water-soluble paper packets from Surco Products are filled with enough chemical to last a week. Packed with fragrance and deep non-staining blue dye, they eliminate malodors using Metazene odor counteractant, which locks the odors at the molecular level, rendering them essentially odorless. A powerful biocide also kills odor-causing microbes. 800/556-0111;

Extreme-duty odor treatment packs

Porta-Pak Max odor treatment from Walex Products is designed for use in extreme conditions. It has 50 percent more color and odor control, and double the fragrance of the company’s standard pack. Drop one in the holding tank and add water for odor prevention. It is formaldehyde-free and biodegradable. 800/338-3155;


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