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Disease Prevention: Best Portable Practices

Agricultural portable restroom sites are breeding grounds for germs and disease. Learn what’s been tagged a “do-it-yourself” vaccine by the CDC, and read about three ways to minimize the spread of disease at portable restroom sites. www.promonthly.com/featured

Overheard Online

Pull your bookkeeping out of the Stone Age, invest in routing software to modernize your portable restroom operation, and leave the paperwork to the competition.

How To Outsmart Portable Restroom Competitionwww.promonthly.com/featured

Truck Add-Ons: Slide-In Unit Picks

Squeeze into tight spaces and hard-to-maneuver job sites with compact, lightweight slide-in or bolt-on vacuum units. Bonus? Rigs outfitted with these tanks are ideal for special events. Check out these cherry-picked units. www.promonthly.com/featured

Truck Graphics 101: Wrap it Up

Face it — your truck wrap design stinks. Do potential customers have to guess about your services? Avoid visual clutter when designing your truck wrap — simple is always better. Learn how to create eye-catching truck graphics. www.promonthly.com/featured


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