A Green Choice: Fruitland Introduces Biodegradable Pump Oil

A Green Choice: Fruitland Introduces Biodegradable Pump Oil
Fruitland Manufacturing Sales Manager Keith Myers, right, discusses his company’s new biodegradable vacuum pump oil, Fruitland Green, with an Expo attendee.

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Fruitland vacuum pumps are known for their iconic blue exterior, but another color made waves at the company’s Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International 2014 booth – green. That’s green as in Fruitland Green, its 100 percent biodegradable vacuum pump oil designed to eliminate the chance of contaminating the air, water or ground.

“The main reason we came out with this product is it’s what our customers wanted,” says Keith Myers, sales manager for Fruitland Manufacturing. “We’ve had customers in the oilfield, environment, industry, septic service and grease services continuously ask if we have an environmentally friendly oil available. Now we do.”

The product is specifically designed for use in Fruitland vacuum pumps, although according to Myers, testing continues on other pump brands. The viscosity of the oil maintains stability across extreme temperature ranges.

“This product is just as effective as typical vacuum pump oil but with the huge bonus of being biodegradable and safe for the environment,” says Myers. “The formulation is nontoxic, is easy to use and completely safe for operators.”

Fruitland had been planning to roll out the new Green oil at the 2014 Expo for some time. “The 2013 show was where we really bounced the idea off of our customers and decided a product like this was really needed in the industry,” says Myers. “The oil was tested internally in our shop for seven months, then field tested for three more months. The response was overwhelmingly positive.”

Myers says he talked to many Fruitland customers who were excited about the possibility of using biodegradable oil in their units.

“Not only is it a selling point for us, it’s an idea that our customers can pass along to their customers too,” he says. “In an era where people are increasingly conscious of the footprint they’re leaving on the environment, a septic pumper or drain cleaner being able to tell a customer that the oil they use in their unit is safe for the environment is a great selling point.”

Myers says the new pump oil was a way to introduce new customers to Fruitland pumps.

“Talking about the Green oil was actually a terrific conversation starter with attendees,’’ he says. “That gave us a great opportunity to talk with them about our vacuum pump options, and what they can do for their rigs and their business.”

The company is finalizing packaging and distribution details for the new oil and will follow up with Expo attendees who showed an interest, Myers says.

Fruitland’s technicians are hard at work to roll out several new products for the 2015 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show (the new name for the Pumper & Cleaner Expo). “We’re working on some industrial blowers, which will be a completely new market for Fruitland, and also a blower for the dry bulk market,” Myers says. “We’re excited to enter that market and gauge the reaction at next year’s show. It’s always a great opportunity for us to show our new products and gather feedback for the future. Hopefully we’ll have a product that will create just as much excitement as our Green oil.” 800/663-9003; www.fruitlandmanufacturing.com.


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