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The education offerings at WWETT 2015 provide the latest information on technology, safety and business for the liquid waste industry.

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The Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show in Indianapolis features the newest equipment in the industry and opportunities to network with peers, but you’ll also find an unmatched focus on continuing education. The 2015 show will host a series of valuable seminars to help wastewater professionals enhance their knowledge base and in turn help their businesses.

WWETT 2015 kicks off Monday, Feb. 23, with Education Day. Tracks of workshops are sponsored by a variety of professional organizations, including the National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT), National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), Southern Section Collection Systems Committee (SSCSC), National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO), National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA), Waterjet Technology Association/Industrial & Municipal Cleaning Association (WJTA-IMCA) and the Sump and Sewage Pump Manufacturers Association (SSPMA).

The following days will feature a variety of additional workshops and roundtable-type discussions covering a range of topics from truck inspections to grease hauling to small-business branding.

All workshops will be held at the Indiana Convention Center in meeting rooms adjacent to the exhibit hall. For more information on seminar times, locations and speakers, visit www.wwett.com.

Seminars of interest to liquid waste industry professionals include:

Education Day, Monday, Feb. 23:

Pre-Trip Inspections, by Joe Zito, sergeant of a commercial vehicle unit with a major metropolitan area police department with jurisdiction in two states. This session will cover walk-around inspection and completing a driver vehicle inspection report.

Hours of Service (HOS) Overview, by Joe Zito. This session is a general knowledge overview of part 395 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations covering whom the rules apply to when operating a commercial motor vehicle.

Roadside Inspections, by Joe Zito. This session will cover preparation for and understanding of what will take place during a roadside inspection. Topics including brakes, lamps, securement and safe loading, as well as preparing a driver on what to say and do during an inspection.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Create Your Personal Brand and Strategic Network for Success in 5 Easy Steps, by Suzan Chin, founder and chief marketing officer of Creative Raven. This session is designed for seasoned business pros and startups alike. It will cover five key elements for personal branding and creating a circle of influence to build business and develop useful and mutually beneficial relationships.

Effective Website Design and Engaging Customers in the Digital Age, by Suzan Chin. Review elements to implement when designing and building a website to meet the needs of today’s demanding online audience, such as developing a budget, a plan of action, strategy, timelines and content development.

Tapping into the Power of Social Media and Content Marketing, by Suzan Chin. Review the pros and cons of various social media to help department leaders perform due diligence and make good decisions for online marketing initiatives. The discussion will cover content marketing, how it works, when it should and can be used, and how to utilize it to maximize advantage.

A Trucker’s Guide to Washington Speak, by John Conley, retired president of National Tank Truck Carriers and owner of ConleyComm LLC. This session will help translate the acronyms and mysterious language of the federal bureaucracy truck operators are likely to encounter in regulatory compliance, enforcement actions, searches for information or at conference presentations.

Cargo Tank Safety and Regulatory Report, by John Conley. This session will focus on tank-truck-specific safety issues such as preventing rollovers and deaths/injuries involving workers who enter or repair cargo tanks.

Compliance with Part 180 and Preparing for a Tank Truck CT Shop Audit, by John Conley. Department of Transportation regulation 49CFR180 details test and inspection requirements for specification cargo tanks. This session will cover various tests and inspections, requirements for testers and inspectors, and recordkeeping.

Protecting Private Enterprise, by Gil Longwell, a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Community Affairs certified environmental trainer and a Kellogg Fellow. Discuss public policy issues associated with the wastewater management industry. Recognizing the players, becoming your legislator’s behind-the-scenes expert and making your voice heard will round out the discussion.

Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt (Small Business From a Hands-On Perspective), by Jim Aanderud, president and owner of Innerline Engineering. Look at the financial challenges in business and discuss ways to increase volume, profit and cash flow. Also discuss the challenges of family-owned businesses, and look at ways to inspire and challenge employees to be key players in the organization.

Rules and Regulations with New Technologies and Working with Regulators, by Anthony Smithson, consultant and former director of environmental health in Lake County, Ill. This session will focus on working with regulators and regulations that are outdated, inflexible and built on unfounded assumptions.

OSHA Regulations and Smart Business, by Doug Lassiter, executive director and lobbyist for the North Carolina Septic Tank Association. Learn the basics about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), what to keep in mind and what to keep on hand in the field.

Sales and Marketing with New Technologies, by Doug Lassiter. Learn what to keep in mind for your sales and marketing plan. Special consideration will be given to integrating new technologies and services into existing sales and marketing plans and strategies.

Mastering the Busy Season, by Beverly Lewis, a marketing expert. Become proactive planners and not reactive problem-solvers during times of high demand in the portable sanitation industry. This presentation will outline nine areas of planning to transform your operations and sales protocols.

A Great Customer Experience, by Beverly Lewis. This seminar will challenge attendees to think about company organizational issues in a new way and learn some best practices for creating a better customer experience.

Grow or Go! Why Most Companies Fail to Grow Effectively and What You Can Do to Keep Your Company From Failing, by J. Kelly Newcomb, principal/owner of i.e.Brand and Newcomb Consulting Group. Participants will understand why 90 percent of organizations fail to realize their growth plans. By utilizing the power of the 80/20 principle and other organizational practices, companies will learn to identify and overcome obstacles to growth.

Target Marketing: How to Effectively and Efficiently Grow Your Sales, by J. Kelly Newcomb. This session will provide participants with a proven process and tools to grow sales.

Effective Branding and How It Can Help Your Business, by J. Kelly Newcomb. Participants will understand the basics of branding and how effective branding can help companies grow their sales and improve profitability.

Business Basics 101, by Ellen Rohr, business-building author and consultant. Learn how to lay claim to your financial power, and how to read and use financial reports to keep score in the game of business.

Build the Business You Really Want, by Ellen Rohr. Learn how to develop a simple strategy for a powerful business plan that will drive you toward your goals.

Women in Wastewater Roundtable Discussion, featuring Lara Mottolo, Therese E. Wheaton, Shanna Sands and Joyce Gresh. The panel of professionals from different facets of the industry will address product and service questions, the future of the industry, as well as general managerial and career building advice for those starting out in environmental services.

Lobbying, by Eric Casey, executive director of the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association. Participants will learn why it’s important to be politically active and some of the ways to become involved.

Tuesday, Feb. 24:

How to Position Your Company in the Market Today, by Mike Agugliaro, co-owner of Gold Medal Service, and owner of the service-business mentoring firm, ServiceKey. Discuss how identifying a target audience, finding a unique selling proposition and establishing an effective marketing strategy can help strongly position a company in the market.

Six Proven Tactics to Generate Leads and Turn Them Into Revenue, by Heather McLeod, brand manager, and Dianna Worthington, franchise consultant and training manager for Mr. Rooter. This session gives straightforward advice on making the phone ring with qualified leads and tactics to turn those phone calls into viable, consistent sales dollars.

Growth by Acquisition or Exiting Gracefully: Buying or Selling a Septic or Sewer Business, by A. Rhodes Wilson, a business consultant. This session will help identify prospective buyers or sellers and make a successful approach; apply appropriate valuation factors; understand potential pitfalls of the sale and identify and understand typical sales terms and conditions; structure the deal; and know what to expect at closing and during the transition.

GPS Tracking: Hype vs. Reality, by Richard Banks, national sales director for US Fleet Tracking. Learn what matters most when implementing GPS tracking within core business functions. Understand refresh rates, leasing hardware versus purchasing it, contracts or no contracts, and features that help manage a mobile workforce.

Wednesday, Feb. 25:

Portable Sanitation - Special Events, by David Roncadori, a sales manager at J & J Chemical Co. This seminar will discuss servicing units while an event is in progress and procedures and products to efficiently clean and charge the units.

Making Your Portable Restroom Business Lean and Mean – How to Boost Productivity and Increase Your Bottom Line, by Jeff Thomas, CEO of PolyPortables. This session will present a brief overview, along with a framework and examples of how portable restroom operators can successfully apply lean principles to their businesses.

Building and Coaching Your Portable Sanitation Team, by Randy Martin, owner of Professional Restroom Solutions LLC. This session will identify and discuss fundamental characteristics of a successful team in the portable restroom industry, examining the need for a team, team members, understanding the members and supporting the members to achieve success.

Team Building for Profit, by Don Daub, electrical engineer, technology trainer and consultant. This seminar coaches contractors on the importance of unifying the team to meet goals. Topics include time management skills, personality types, basic group dynamics and team cohesiveness.

Ten Common-Sense Ways to Grow and Improve Your Business, by Lane Post, president and founder of Pacific Drain Service and Arrow Pipeline Repair. This talk stresses intangibles of small-business ownership, such as passion, personality and perseverance, and suggests a return to old-fashioned values aided by electronic technology.

Setting Expectations – The Key to Sales and Customer Satisfaction, by Matthew Sutton, a founder and vice president of sales and marketing at RapidView IBAK. Effectively manage expectations to build your business, make customers much happier and avoid unnecessary conflict. 


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