Learn And Explore New Products At The WWETT Show

It’s time to invest in your business through education, exploring new products and services, and networking with other professionals. The WWETT Show is the place to get it done.

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In baseball lingo, it’s “hot stove league” time, the deepest part of the off-season where fans can sit back and contemplate rosters, argue about the best hitters and pitchers, and speculate about the exciting summer ahead. For PROs, this is the time to plan for your trip to the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show in Indianapolis. Spend the slower month of February – leading up to the Feb. 23-26 WWETT Show – talking with your crew about what you hope to accomplish at the wastewater industry’s biggest event.

If you had a good year in 2014 – and I know many portable sanitation contractors who kept very busy last summer – maybe you can afford to bring some of your crew along to Indy. You’d be Boss of the Year material if you could take a few of your top performers to the show as a way to say “thank you’’ for all of their hard work. A walk through the massive WWETT exhibit floor is a great way to show your team the tremendous size and scope of this industry … how far we’ve come in such a short time to bring professionalism to wastewater services.

Here are a few things you can accomplish with your visit to Indy:

Learn something new that will build profits

Education Day, Monday, Feb. 23, kicks off the week’s activities at the WWETT Show with dozens of seminars on a variety of topics, ranging from the technical aspects of your business to the critical marketing efforts to attract new customers. Several sessions will delve deeply into safety and regulation challenges faced by your team of vacuum truck drivers. Other talks will help you build your brand through websites and social media. Still others will touch on wide-ranging topics including business planning, growth through acquisition and the value of GPS tracking.

Go online at wwettshow.com/education-sessions and start to plan which seminars you want to attend. If two of your chosen seminars are at the same time, divvy them up between you and a member of your team. Take ample notes on the topics to discuss what you learned during show week. Get the most out of this once-a-year learning opportunity.

What’s that you say? You can’t make Education Day, but you’ll be in Indy for the WWETT Show exhibit days Feb. 24-26? Additional seminars will be held on those days to extend the educational value you’ll derive from WWETT. Resources are at the WWETT Show website and can be found in the show programs (if you’re reading this story after arriving in Indy). If you have any questions about seminars, ask a COLE Publishing representative in Indy. We’re here to help you.

Participate in the economic recovery

While there’s always room for improvement, I know many of you have had a few pretty good years, revenue-wise. The economy has been on a steady rebound, as evidenced by growing construction starts – both commercial and residential – in many parts of the country. Special event work is getting more lucrative through requests for hand-wash stations and specialty trailers, and hopefully planners are heeding your advice to continue enhancing portable sanitation offerings to please the public.

What does all this mean for your trip to the WWETT Show? If you’re like many other PROs, you’ve put off truck and restroom inventory upgrades as business has improved. There are plenty of portable sanitation route drivers getting by with service trucks 10 years old or older, and they can start to look a little rough around the edges or develop reliability issues. It’s the same with restrooms; companies are moving more units to the construction side of the business and are running short of quality units for special events.

New equipment helps your business run more efficiently and does so while looking a whole lot better. If you’re not adding to or upgrading your equipment list, you’re likely not building the value of your business. And hands down, the WWETT Show is the best place to see all the latest equipment the wastewater industry has to offer. You can compare and contrast brands and models and make well-informed decisions about the best equipment to serve your customers.

Make a new friend

Small-business owners would love to have a network of buddies in the same industry to discuss equipment trends and review topics like employee recruiting and retention, providing employee benefits, and marketing. But it’s difficult to network with your nearest competitors. That’s the beauty of the WWETT Show. There are ample opportunities to strike up a friendship with another PRO whose territory is a thousand miles away from yours. Go ahead and compare notes on advertising strategies and market expansion. Then make a point to visit with your new friends from time to time to chart your progress. WWETT is a place where many PROs start lifetime networking relationships.

Enjoy all that Indy has to offer

It’s easy to find something to do after WWETT Show hours. In Indy, great restaurants or major league attractions are literally just around the corner. The city’s downtown is compact, clean and safe, and filled with diverse eateries and shops, and most of it is just steps from the WWETT Show through convenient indoor walkways. After a day of learning and checking out exhibits, reward yourself by meeting friends at a steakhouse or buying something special to take home from the shops at Circle Centre Mall. Sure, the WWETT Show is all about improving your business … but a week in Indy is also about having a good time.

Let’s get together

Just like it is for attendees and exhibitors, the WWETT Show is a great opportunity for me as editor of this magazine. From the time I arrive in Indy, I’m renewing old acquaintances and meeting new PROs from across the country and around the world. Typically, the business owners who travel to this trade show are top-notch professionals interested in staying current in the industry and eager to share their point of view on topics we like to cover in PRO.

If I’ve met you already, I’m looking forward to catching up. If we haven’t met, I invite you to contact me at the WWETT Show and tell me about your business. Share your ideas for topics you’d like us to explore or questions you’d like us to answer in the magazine. Many of the PROs I get to know in Indy eventually make it into the magazine in our PROfile and On Location features – you could be one of them.

I’ll be at Education Day seminars and on the exhibit floor. To contact me at the WWETT Show, talk to anyone from COLE Publishing and they can track me down. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Just do it

You’ve been invited by the folks at PRO and COLE Publishing to come and experience the WWETT Show. Hit the Indiana Convention Center to learn, shop, network and then head back home energized for the coming busy season.


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