Sani-Klip Secures Common Hand Sanitizer Dispensers In Portable Restrooms

Sani-Klip Secures Common Hand Sanitizer Dispensers In Portable Restrooms
Timmy Wells, a co-designer and fabricator of the Sani-Klip, discusses the new product with a 2015 WWETT Show attendee. The aluminum clip can be fastened to the wall of a portable restroom and holds common bottles of hand sanitizer.

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A conversation between a frustrated portable restroom operator and a friend adept at metal fabrication led to the development of the Sani-Klip, an aluminum bracket designed to hold common hand sanitizers.

“We just got fed up with dealing with dispensers that broke a lot and cost a lot to replace,” says Katie Nesbit, co-owner of R. Nesbit Portable Toilets in New Castle, Pennsylvania. “Buying refills for the dispensers was also expensive, and they would take several days to ship to us. We thought there had to be a better way.”

Katie’s husband, Rich, came up with the idea of producing a mount that would enable a PRO to restock bottles of common hand sanitizer without the need for a shelf or ledge in the unit. He sketched a simple design of an L-shaped bracket with small mounting holes on one edge and a large central hole on the other.

In 2014, Rich discussed the idea with Timmy Wells, an equipment operator the Nesbits work with on septic system installations. Wells took the idea into his machine shop, and after a few prototypes, came up with a version of the Sani-Klip that was on display at the 2015 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show.

The aluminum mount is quickly installed with rivets or pipe clamps. It holds an 8- to 10-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer or soap by unscrewing the pump cap, running the threaded neck of the bottle through the large hole, then screwing the cap back on. It is designed to be a time-saver for busy service truck drivers when restocking sanitizer from any available retailer.

“You walk into any dollar store and see bottles of inexpensive hand sanitizer,” says Wells. “We just thought, ‘Hey, there’s no reason we can’t use those in portable restrooms.’ ”

At first Wells only produced enough clips to outfit the inventory of 1,000-plus R. Nesbit restrooms. But soon requests came along for more Sani-Klips. Rich and Katie Nesbit signed a manufacturing agreement with K & R Industries and started marketing the product through their business.

“We’ve actually sold them to several of our competitors back home,” says Katie. “All the portable restroom guys we’ve talked to really see the need. That response is why we thought the WWETT Show would be a good opportunity to roll them out on a bigger scale.”

The company brought a limited supply of the clips to the show and quickly sold out. They took orders for many more, but perhaps more importantly, the WWETT Show provided an opportunity to collect feedback on the product.

“We’ve actually been advertising the Sani-Klip for a few months now, but [the WWETT Show] is the first time that a lot of companies got to see it up close,” says Katie. “We love to hear the feedback. Most told us that if we could sell them reasonably, there would be a nice market for it.”

“And we’re looking at making improvements too,” adds Wells. “A lot of guys asked about different sizes to accommodate larger bottles, and different mounting mechanisms for putting them in restroom trailers. We even had some truck manufacturers ask us about using them as tool holders in vacuum trucks. My mind is spinning right now thinking of all the different applications.”

Katie Nesbit says that her company will return to the WWETT Show with the product in 2016. “The response has greatly exceeded the expectations we had coming in,” she says. “To me, it’s just a common sense product. I’m happy we’ve been able to offer it.” 724/652-8232;


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