Work With Event Planners to Ensure Adequate Service This Summer

Work With Event Planners to Ensure Adequate Service This Summer
Karleen Kos is executive director of the Portable Sanitation Association International. She may be reached at or 952/854-8300.

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Someone once opined, “The only reason we ask other people about their weekends is so we can tell them about our own.”

There’s a lot of truth to that idea. People love to talk, and they share enthusiastically about their leisure activities. We’ve all heard lengthy tales of kids’ ball games. Then there’s the holiday marathon someone ran, the steamy Fourth of July picnic, the evening at the county fair and the perfect wedding weekend.

Wouldn’t it be great if one of the things the storyteller was recounting concerned the terrific portable restroom experience they had?

Within the portable sanitation industry, we often lament that our service is the last thing on the minds of event planners. Our experience tells us good planning, enough equipment and an optimal service schedule means a better outcome for everyone. So we need to get the planners on board and guide them to making decisions based on the outcomes they want, not just the price they want to pay.

The key is educating planners about guest expectations, behaviors and the mathematics of planning.

  • Fact: Attendees expect clean, plentiful restrooms.
  • Fact: Nature calls in predictable ways, resulting in predictable use patterns and predictable volumes of waste.
  • Fact: A PRO can help planners see this for themselves, making them more willing to choose event resources that are optimal.

This is good news for everyone because:

  • Fact: When the services meet guest expectations, they are likely to stay longer, spend more money and say nicer things about the event as a whole.
  • Fact: When the service isn’t planned well, guests notice and talk in most uncomplimentary ways.

Of course, the worst of it is that guests don’t often differentiate between the event planner and the name of the company on the portable restroom. This hurts everyone — especially the reputation of the portable restroom operator and the industry as a whole.

To assist PROs and change the dynamics of the discussions with planners, the Portable Sanitation Association International has introduced a new publication called The PSAI Guide to Portable Restroom Excellence.  This booklet is designed to help PROs talk with planners about the considerations that are important in preparing for an event. It puts the math in front of the customer. Coming from a neutral third party like PSAI, the data and planning ideas included in the document make it much easier to get planners on board with the equipment and servicing schedule they should consider to optimize their event. It is available now at or by calling 952/854-8300.

Gushing about a great porta-potty? You may think that’s a bit of a pipe dream. But hey, we all know that our service is talked about when it was notable for the wrong reasons. The PSAI is committed to working with industry members to change the conversation. Let’s get people talking about how portable sanitation provides better work sites, better weekends and a better world. Now that’s a tale I could listen to!


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