Water Cannon Pressure Washer Offers Industrial Cleaning Power

Water Cannon Pressure Washer Offers Industrial Cleaning Power
Mark Williams, right, the national sales manager and product manager for Water Cannon, discusses his company’s new high-volume/high-pressure washer with an attendee at the 2016 WWETT Show. While the line is available in multiple versions, the display unit was equipped with an Annovi Reverberi RTX70 pump offering 18.5 gpm at 2,200 psi. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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In the wastewater industry, diversifying services can mean the difference between profitability and spinning your wheels. That’s why Water Cannon, a longtime manufacturer of pressure washing equipment, has veered into producing products that can not only be used for cleaning sewer pipes and portable restrooms, but also industrial and oil rig cleaning. The company’s newest unit, a high-volume/high-pressure washer, was on display at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show.

“This is a unit that can move mud, or be used for jetting, cleaning sewers, portable restrooms, or anytime when you need to potentially move a lot of dirt,” says Mark Williams, the national sales manager and product manager for Water Cannon. “This is something that allows us to market our products to different fields of the industry.”

Pumping power is provided by the RTX line of industrial-strength Annovi Reverberi triplex pumps that come in five options offering flows from 8 to over 26 gpm and pressures from 1,800 to 4,500 psi. The large crankcase enables longer running times for industrial needs. The pumps run at 1,450 rpm and have a 30 by 80 mm solid shaft with a 1-inch inlet and 1/2-inch outlet. They have a 76-ounce oil capacity. The version on display at WWETT 2016 was equipped with an RTX70 pump offering 18.5 gpm at 2,200 psi.

“This is the midlevel RTX pump, which is a good multipurpose pump for a septic pumper that has portable restrooms but also wants to diversify into some industrial or sewer cleaning,” says Williams. “Once you get into the bigger pumps, you’re looking at mounting them on industrial vacuum trucks, and more of the hydrotrenching and excavating market.”

The pump is powered by a CH980 32 hp Kohler gas engine with electric start, and the whole unit comes skid-mounted with 50 feet of 1/2-inch jetting hose. Williams says that not only were pumping and drain cleaning contractors interested in learning more about the unit at the WWETT Show, industrial cleaners and jetters saw an application for it as well.

“The nice thing about this show is the mix of smaller equipment up through large industrial units that are on display,” Williams says of the WWETT Show. “It’s a great mix of everything that’s out there, and really gives a lot of great options for operators looking to diversify. Certainly the interest we are seeing in this is going to urge us to look at producing even bigger units in the future.”

The 2016 WWETT Show was Water Cannon’s first as an exhibitor, and Williams says based on the interest and amount of leads he picked up in the first couple days, they’ll definitely be back.

“A lot of the people at this show have been drawn in by seeing our high-volume unit right out front, but once we start talking to them, we can tell them about all the other products we offer,” says Williams. “That has definitely created interest in several of our other units that might be a better fit for them. Not only are the people here diversifying what they do, it’s causing us to diversify what we offer.” 800/333-9274; www.watercannon.com.


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