Easy Odor Control

Air freshener from Surco straps right to restroom stack to keep portables smelling fresh.
Easy Odor Control
Tonya Ray, left, marketing manager for Surco Portable Sanitation Products, explains how the Fresh Strap wraps around the stack of a portable restroom to provide continuous odor protection up to 60 days. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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Summer is the busy season for portable restroom operators. But with the heat also comes challenges to provide clean, comfortable units for special events patrons to use. No PRO wants to deal with complaints about foul odors being emitted from their units — not only does it hurt the event attendee’s experience, it can also have a negative effect on the PRO’s reputation. That’s why Fresh Straps from Surco Portable Sanitation Products, highlighted at the company’s 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show booth, make so much sense.

Fresh Straps contain a high amount of odor counteractant fragrance in a molded polymer vandal-deterrent design. To use, all the PRO needs to do is cinch one strap around the portable restroom vent stack or other structure for continuous odor protection up to 60 days. According to Sarah Davis, a sales representative with Surco, the straps only take mere seconds to install.

“They are a very quick way for the operator to get in, service the unit, and get out quickly,” says Davis. “They are especially valuable for special events where units are going to receive a lot of use between pumpouts.”

Typical washdowns will not harm the waterproof straps. They can be used to neutralize sewage odors in portable restrooms, restroom trailers, public restrooms and basements. The self-locking straps are both inexpensive and difficult to remove, deterring theft.

“Many PROs have issues with theft, but because Fresh Straps are relatively inexpensive, most people aren’t going to take them,” says Davis. “They can also be discretely strapped onto the portable toilet stack, so many users won’t even recognize that they are there. They can even be zip-tied to the stack for extra security.”

Fresh Straps are available in three fragrances — berry cherry, xtreme clean and summer fresh. They contain Metazene molecular odor neutralizer that works by neutralizing odors at the molecular level. Positive-charged molecules are attracted to negative-charged malodor molecules in the air. The Metazene molecules attach to typical malodor molecules like little magnets, “locking up” the malodor, effectively neutralizing its unpleasant odor. The new heavier molecule sinks to the floor with the malodor sealed inside. Unable to float in the air, it evaporates over a period of time.

“The nice thing about these straps, other than being easy to install, is there are no chemicals that the technician is potentially coming in contact with,” says Davis. “They are lightweight and stack easily, so the tech can carry a large load without it taking too much space.”

Surco originally brought a prototype of the Fresh Strap to the 2015 WWETT Show, and the positive feedback on it urged mass production. The first products rolled off the assembly line in early 2016, and were delivered to customers in early February. According to Davis, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The PROs that have these in the field love them, and we’ve given away hundreds to potential new customers as well at this show,” she says. “This is a great show to debut a product like this, because this is where PROs are looking for new ideas.”

Surco techs are already looking at ways the Fresh Strap can be improved as well. They are considering adding an adhesive backing that would make the strap even easier to mount, no longer requiring a stack to wrap it around.

“People here are looking at all the ways they can make this work on their portable restrooms,” says Davis. “That’s why it’s great for us to be here; we hear all kinds of new ideas from attendees that we can take back. It helps us get a read on exactly what the industry is looking for.” 800/556-0111; www.surco.com.


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