Share Your Special-Event Service Story

Through our On Location feature, PROs can talk up their favorite hometown festival and share valuable service insights with the portable sanitation industry

Share Your Special-Event Service Story

Jim Kneiszel

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It’s that time of year when you’re signing on the dotted line to provide portable restrooms for some of the bigger special events in your area. These lucrative contracts with event planners can make the difference between a good, solid year and a great year, revenuewise, for your company.

Construction units might be your bread and butter; there’s no doubt you need those consistent onesie-twosie customers to keep the vacuum trucks rolling. But the big weekend event work really adds an exclamation point to your busy season. Several weekends with dozens — and in some cases hundreds — of additional restrooms put to work make a big difference to your bottom line.

The added spikes in demand and big paydays can help justify all sorts of new investments in your business. You need better and more restroom units to cover the needs, so you place an order and the quality of your inventory rises organically. A couple of customers want to upgrade to a VIP trailer for events, and pretty soon you have a new sales tool to add to your arsenal all year long. The events prompt you to hire a few extra hands for the summer — maybe putting your kids to work to earn money for college.


There is so much upside to event service that it pays for you to go after that business with a purpose and hang on to the annual jobs like a dog with a bone. Hopefully you are always looking for ways to nurture your valued relationships with the event planners who keep extending contracts for your service.

And along those lines, have I got an offer for you. It’s called On Location, one of our regular features right here in PRO. I invite you to tell me about one of your favorite events for the upcoming year and we’ll write about the pivotal role you played by providing necessary portable sanitation services. Why should you participate in an On Location feature?

Let me count the reasons:

Your customers will love you for bringing publicity to their event.

Something interesting happens when we feature a special event on the cover of PRO. After the story is published, restroom contractors will let me know that the event organizers appreciated the national exposure. Yes, we are a trade publication and our audience is geographically broad, but a sharply focused industry group, so maybe only a handful of readers will actually travel to the featured event. But we work hard to give each event the VIP treatment through photography and by spotlighting an important concern for all events: safe and clean portable sanitation. Being featured in our magazine shows that these event planners understand the importance of portable sanitation and are leaders in providing a quality experience for visitors. And after the event is over, you can provide your customer with a copy of the magazine they were featured in or a framed version of the story and photos. I’ll bet you’ll see it displayed on their office walls the next time you call on them. By participating in an On Location story, you are sending the message that the event is important to your community.

You throw a national spotlight on your community.

I know you are proud of the great things found in your hometown. I hear this every time I talk to a PRO who has deep roots in a city or town across the country. Many of you are multigenerational small-business owners who take pride in supporting your community. You sponsor Little League baseball teams. You’re actively involved in the schools. You donate restrooms for local charity events and church functions. Raising awareness about a much-loved community event is another way to make a valuable contribution. We truly enjoy showcasing the special events our readers find so meaningful. Whether it’s a Cajun festival in Louisiana, a fishing tournament in Minnesota or a rodeo in Colorado, these are important community touchstones for the companies we serve. And we want to help you celebrate what’s unique about the place you call home.

It builds a resume to show other event planners.

What’s the best way to convince event decision-makers that your company is the right one to trust with their portable sanitation needs? Proof of experience and expertise in handling an event like theirs. And that’s what you’ll get when one of our business writers talks to you in depth about your event service. And that’s what they’ll see when we send one of our professional photographers on location to shoot your crew setting up and servicing your equipment. We follow your work with event customers from the initial meeting to setup, service and tear-down to follow-up in planning for next year. Our reporting tells the whole story of your work with an event. And when the story publishes, you will have a documented track record to show the next event planner you meet.

You share valued insights with other PROs.

Being a professional in this industry comes with a responsibility to share what you have learned for the benefit of all. How is the industry going to mature and grow without contractors willing to talk about how they met a new challenge or made things better for a customer — for example figuring out ways to keep units fresher and cleaner in the face of big crowds? Telling your story helps raise the bar for others and improve the public perception of portable restrooms. We all know that is needed and should be a goal we all strive to reach. Many PROs tell me they’ve benefitted from the advice shared in our feature stories. If you are one of them, maybe it’s time to step up and return the favor.


Occasionally a contractor will tell me he or she doesn’t want to bring attention to their work with a popular festival for fear of a competitor swooping in and taking away the business. My answer to them comes in the form of another question: What do you really have to be afraid of? If your customer is happy with the service you provide and treats you like a valued partner in the success of an event, there is little to fear from the competition. If you are always looking over your shoulder for the competition, maybe that indicates you’re not keeping your eye on the prize in front of you: meeting every expectation of your existing event customers and always looking for more opportunities.

So if you are ready to add your favorite summer event to the list of hundreds that have appeared in these pages over the years, let me know a little about it. Send me a note at and we can discuss heading out your way. 


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