Case Study - July 2019

PRO solves restaurant’s kitchen odor issue

Problem: A restaurant in Ironwood, Michigan, had dealt with bad odors in their kitchen area for weeks. Bill Leppala from Tula Toilet and Septic was hired to find and rectify the problem.

Solution: During his investigation, Leppala discovered the foul odors didn’t originate in the kitchen, but rather from outside of the building. “After chasing a few things, I noticed the makeup air intake for the kitchen was pulling outside air from right over the dumpsters for the air discharge from the oven hoods,” Leppala says. “It wasn’t the best design.” Leppala decided to affix a Fresh Strap from Surco Portable Sanitation Products to the air intake.

Result: “As soon as I hung a Fresh Strap, there was no more odor problem,” Leppala says. 800-556-0111;


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