Product Spotlight - July 2020

Product Spotlight - July 2020

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Unnecessary service calls can be a large expense for a portable sanitation business. Getting to a restroom trailer on the service route only to find out service isn’t needed wastes an operator’s time and money. Ameri-Can Engineering answers that issue, partnering with Dometic Internet of Things solutions to offer the Ameri-Connect restroom trailer monitoring system.

The smart solution allows the operator to control and monitor the trailer’s system devices via a mobile app. It can monitor the trailer’s lighting, climate control devices, awnings, water heater, water pump, batteries, inverter status, water and wastewater tank levels and LP gas from multiple locations.

“Our goal was to integrate today’s technology into our trailer units,” says Keegan Campbell, Ameri-Can Engineering’s chief operating officer. “We want our customers to be able to maximize their profits, and efficient solutions like this can help.”

The Ameri-Connect smart technology helps operators use predictive analytics to better judge water and power usage, while fully customizable LCD screens and the remote app allow devices to be turned on and off at preset times in an orchestrated sequence. It is easy to install and allows for independent control and monitoring of most vital functions of the trailer.

According to Campbell, the solution grew out of a smaller partnership tied to the environmental functions of the company’s trailers.

“We approached Dometic about manufacturing air conditioning units for our trailers that utilized smart technology,” he says. “When they got in our trailers, they realized that their remote operation platform could extend to much more than just the air conditioning units. What we came up with together in essence makes the entire trailer a smart device.”

The device’s predictive monitoring capabilities provide a historical view of system usage and forecasting. The system is configurable and customizable, allowing the user to view multiple functions at the same time via the flexibility of Dometic’s modular screen design. Haptic touch screens provide an audio confirmation when selecting options. Load boxes are installed close to the unit, reducing wiring time and cost. Multiple screens allow total control of all systems throughout the trailer, while the customizable, modular design accommodates numerous installation configurations.

“It allows operators to keep better track of their units in the field,” Campbell says. “The fewer service calls you need to make, the more you can save.”  574-892-5151; 


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