It’s a Jungle of Hot Asphalt and Crazy Sports Fans

Portable sanitation makes it happen where thousands eat, drink and celebrate their time-honored passion at this storied venue

It’s a Jungle of Hot Asphalt and Crazy Sports Fans

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There’s no doubt portable sanitation plays a huge role in spectator comfort at this 2,000-acre attraction that turns into a chaotic frenzy of visitors during about 380 activities per year. From its start about 60 years ago, this has been one of the biggest sporting and special event venues in America, generating about $450 million in regional tourism spending each year. Fun fact: On a busy event weekend, visitors will consume 34,000 slices of pizza, 9,500 gallons of soft drinks and water and 13,500 feet of hot dogs. More evidence that this place requires a lot of portable restroom services.

Here are a few clues to help you identify the location of this restroom trailer:

1. The largest nearby city is named in honor of the wife of Britain’s King George II.

2. It is considered the home away from home for many gutsy participants 

in a certain sports world.

3. It was the first modern super venue of this sport to have lighted 

nighttime contests.

4. Up to 89,000 spectators can gather to cheer on their heroes.

5. The trailer is parked under what was the largest high-definition TV at a 

sporting venue when installed in 2011: 16,000 square feet of screen space.

6. The hall of fame dedicated to this sport is located on the grounds.

To win the contest, name the city and the event venue where this restroom trailer is parked. The winner will be recognized as a geographical whiz on the Portable Restroom Operator Facebook page. Send your responses to  

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