Product Spotlight - May 2021

Product Spotlight - May 2021

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Graphics can turn your portable restrooms into effective billboards

The portable sanitation industry is unique in many aspects, including the fact that the product the business is selling can also serve as travelling billboard advertising a company’s brand name. A creative logo on the side of restrooms, restroom trailers and other equipment promotes and identifies a company. 

“Very few companies can have their name and phone number displayed along the side of a highway construction zone while getting paid to have it there,” says Cathy Rogers, account manager for Allied Graphics. “A nameplate on a portable unit projects the image of the company, and it’s so important that it looks good.” 

Rogers explains that Allied Graphics has grown through the years along with the portable sanitation industry, so they understand the requirements of an eye-catching and durable restroom decal. 

“Portable restrooms are typically used in demanding locations. Graphics need to withstand the effects of sunlight, rain, grime, detergents and power washing, and still look like the day they were applied,” Rogers says.

Allied Graphics will produce decals to the customer’s specifications and help choose the ideal product for the application. Rogers says the company is constantly working to improve decals for restrooms and equipment that endure a life in harsh environments. 

“We have developed adhesives and selected vinyls that can stand up to the extreme weathering that portable units are subject to in the field,” she says. “Allied Graphics offers a seven-year polymeric vinyl with UV inhibitors, a premium high-tack rubber-based adhesive and automotive-grade ink systems to keep colors vibrant year after year.” 

Allied Graphics has an in-house testing lab where every material, adhesive and ink is tested before being offered for sale. They use a QUV environmental test chamber to test materials and adhesives against moisture, UV radiation and a wide range of temperature fluctuations. The aim is to ensure the strength and resilience of each product. Adhesive strength is then verified using an Instron tensile device that measures how well the adhesive actually sticks to a portable restroom surface.  800-490-9931; 


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