Product Spotlight - October 2021

Product Spotlight - October 2021

Since the dawn of portable restrooms, managing odor has been a fundamental part of the industry. With the introduction of the LunarVent Solar Exhaust Fan, LunarGlo took a mechanical, yet self-sufficient approach to odor control.

A new LunarVent solar-powered design provides 40 cfm airflow, accomplishing complete air exchange in a standard restroom in last than two minutes during daylight hours, which is a 35% increase in airflow compared to the original model. “Obviously, if one has ever used a portable restroom in the heat of summer, they know the need for this was obvious,” says Judy Barton, owner of LunarGlo.

According to LunarGlo, the ventilation fans employ the same high-efficiency solar cells used in the company’s solar light units. Fan housing consists of a durable, unibody PVC construction with UV protection against deterioration.

Barton says development was accomplished with the aid of a major manufacturers of portable restrooms using a standard unit to determine airflow, unit height, solar cell size and maximum outlet criteria based on airflow. “This product is  application-specific,” Barton says. “It’s designed to create a negative pressure inside the restroom causing odors to flow from the holding tank up the stack and out to the atmosphere.” 

LunarVent solar fans are engineered to work on any portable restroom unit or trailer with a 4-inch exhaust vent pipe. Installation consists of sliding the fan onto the existing vent pipe. LunarVent fans have also been used effectively on permanent outdoor restrooms. 

Odor control in portable restrooms create a safer, more hygienic atmosphere and also helps eliminate small flying insects and bug infestations. Each unit is waterproof, built to operate quietly, has a low profile and contains no switches that could wear out over time.

LunarVent Solar Exhaust Fans come with an 18-month repair-or-replace warranty and are fully serviceable. “Feedback has been very positive across the board,” Barton says. “People love the fact that with the LunarVent fan, along with a scented wafer, the experience of using a portable restroom changes the negative feeling to one that exceeds expectation.” 574-294-2624;


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