Inside the June 2009 Issue of PRO Monthly

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STEADY as She Goes
While a young Virginia PRO takes on a new role in the family business, Johnny Blue follows a winning strategy to outlast the recession
Friend Me?
Web 2.0 is what tech-savvy people are calling the second generation of development and design on the Internet that focuses on using the Web for social networking. Is it just for fun or a valuable business tool?
Know Your Costs
A challenging economy, more than any time, calls for you to have a handle on actual expenses
Smokin’ Good Service
Reno PRO provides vital sanitation services for famed Best in the West Rib Cook-Off
Portable Restrooms Cushion Crash Landing
Washington State pilot slams into PRO storage yard and walks away
Stars and Stripes Forever
Montana contractor Wes Dooley chooses a patriotic theme and a beefy Sterling chassis for his first portable sanitation rig
Standard Restrooms Roundup: Takes a Lickin'
Pushed around, tipped over and covered in dust and grime, these work zone brutes provide years of faithful service
Going Beyond the Wage
PROs explain what employee benefit is most cherished, and what perk they would add if money were no object
Working the Angles
Optimal hose fitting geometry can give you better suction and help hoses last longer
Industry News - June 2009
JAG Provides Summit of the Americas Support; Mass-Vac Offers Pump Rebuilding; Legacy is Name of New PolyJohn Unit