Inside the March 2010 Issue of PRO Monthly

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Shoot for the Moon
Kentucky’s Moon Portable Restrooms launches clean, fast, reliable service in a bid to win special-event contracts from Louisville to Lexington
Decisions, Decisions
Flipping a coin means making the right decision about 50 percent of the time, but should you really leave the success of your company up to chance? Improve your odds by putting a little more effort into decision making.
He Called it the Strongbox
Vintage green restroom was an update of the bulletproof USANCO unit that replaced many first-generation wooden models on construction sites
Are You Connected in 2010?
Social networking sites are a good way for PROs to link to customers, prospect for new business and promote community involvement
Timesaving Technology
Software solutions help cut through the paperwork, making your portable sanitation business more efficient and profitable
Take 5 with Leroy Lausen: On the Wild Side
This hardy portable sanitation family business deals with the challenges of working in Alaska
Keeping a Healthy Inventory
When it comes to repairs and delivery of replacement restrooms, each PRO has a different program
More Thoughts on Frozen Tanks
Readers objected to our advice on tank-thawing strategies, so we take another look at the issue
Industry News - March 2010
Ritam Technologies Launches New Web Site; Hur Chemical Announces PSAI Show Winners; United Site Services Restructures