Inside the March 2012 Issue of PRO Monthly

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Outback Success Outback Success
Providing “dunnies with dignity,’’ Viking Rentals spreads its message of quality service and an expanded service menu across Australia
Refuse to Engage in a Price War
Don’t take the bait when a price-slashing competitor floods the market with portable restroom service deals that are too good to be true
Trucks and tanks Trucks and tanks
Injector device keeps biosolids below ground; Ergonomic workstation reduces fatigue
Beware of Content Theft
When you build or update your website or create other marketing materials, make sure you have permission to use the content you post
Write It Right
Whether it’s a proposal for a new client or a reminder letter for a slow-paying customer, spelling errors and typos make a company look unprofessional
March Product News March Product News
Featured new products.
March Industry News
Manitou Forklifts, Americas join forces; Werts Welding opens Montana branch; D & W Diesel opens New Jersey facility; PolyJohn Manager named to music hall of fame; Fruitland’s Peter Cioruch passes away
Time for an Upgrade Time for an Upgrade
Whether your favorite truck needs a makeover or a new service rig is in your plans for 2012, check out these options to improve your fleet
Micro PRO Micro PRO
Small-scale Los Angeles newcomer A+ Portable Services Inc. is growing despite California’s rough-and-tumble economy
Auto or Manual Transmission?
The debate continues over the most cost-effective or convenient way to shift your next service truck … and other questions get quick answers