Cherry-Picked Slide-In Vacuum Tanks

Compact, lightweight slide-in or bolt-on vacuum units are great for a first pumping system for a small startup business. Take a look at the available options.
Cherry-Picked Slide-In Vacuum Tanks
400/200 slide-in unit from Best Enterprises

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Compact, lightweight slide-in or bolt-on vacuum units are great for a first pumping system for a small startup business. They can be mounted on pickup or flatbed trucks and trailers, and they offer an ideal alternative to a larger truck-mounted tank. 

Slide-in units are a valuable addition to any portable restroom operator’s equipment fleet. Added bonus? Rigs outfitted with slide-in tanks are more maneuverable in tight spaces, making them ideal for special events. 

Dain Mann, co-owner of A-1 Septic Crescent Moon of Mason City, Iowa, relies on compact slide-in units to meet the challenges of jobs in tight spaces, such as festivals and campgrounds with bulky motorhomes. “You need big equipment to handle so much work, but you’re constantly squeezing into tight quarters without much room for error,” he says. 

“Our guys have to pay attention every time we move. You’re dealing with about 200 individual ‘clients’ every day, and their rigs can cost $250,000, so the owners often watch every move you make. You don’t want to give anyone a reason to be unhappy.” 

Compact units also offer a reliable backup vacuum option for busy times when contractors wish they had a second truck. Whatever your need for a versatile, lightweight pumping system, here is a sampling of slide-in units manufactured for the portable sanitation industry.

The 400/200 slide-in unit from Best Enterprises is built with 304 stainless steel with a capacity of 400 gallons of waste and 200 gallons of freshwater. It is equipped with a 3-inch dump valve, 2-inch sight glasses, a Hypro Roller pump and motor and a Conde Super 6 vacuum pump with a platform-mounted Honda 5.5 hp electric start engine. 

Want more options? Self-contained slide-in tanks from Imperial Industries Inc. are available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel, and are custom designed for special needs in 100- to 700-gallon models. Stock units are available in capacities of 300, 450, 550 and 650 gallons. Features include a choice of Conde SDS6 or Masport HXL3V vacuum pump, Honda direct-drive engine, anticorrosion anodes in the waste and water compartments and a horizontal water tube for equalized weight distribution. 

Versatile slide-in tanks from KeeVac Industries are also ideal for the contractor who wants lots of options. Manufactured from 54/54-grade aluminum, units are available in 300- to 2,000-gallon capacities, with flanged and dished heads. They are manufactured in several different styles, including waste only, two-compartment or three-compartment units. Pump choices include Masport, Conde and Jurop in both gasoline and diesel. 

If you’re looking for a more basic tank, the Pik Rite Inc. standard slide-in unit is available in 300- and 450-gallon sizes for portable restroom and grease trap cleaning. Units are available in steel or aluminum, with or without freshwater compartments. Various vacuum pump and engine options are available. Features include 30 feet of 2-inch fill hose with poly ball valve and PVC nozzle, 3-inch discharge with poly ball valve, washdown systems and high-quality paint.

For smaller service routes and jobs in tight spaces, check out the compact, ready-to-use unit from PolyPortables. This fully equipped slide-in service tank includes electric push-start engine, vacuum/pressure pump, waste and freshwater hoses, fittings and accessories. It mounts into the back of a pickup bed, a flatbed chassis or onto a flatbed trailer, and is self-contained. 

Another compact option is the MD400 slide-in unit from Satellite Industries. It’s ideal for small routes, quick services, quality control and locations where a small truck is the only way to service restrooms. Designed as a self-contained tank for long-box pickup trucks, the 270-gallon waste/130-gallon freshwater tank uses a bolt-in system that allows quick installation and removal. 

Jason Waite, owner of JC’s Johns Portable Sanitation Services, operates in the rural area of Oskaloosa, Iowa, so he relies on trucks with slide-in units to meet the demands of more expansive job sites. “I operate in a rural area with a dispersed population, so I have to look at my service area demographically and geographically to find community festivals, construction projects and other clients, preferably in areas and along routes where I can service more than one client at a time,” he says. 

If, like Waite, you need a larger tank for longer routes, Slide-in Warehouse offers aluminum slide-in units from 300- to 1,500-gallon capacities. Manufactured in five different styles and designed to fit in a pickup bed, flatbed or trailer, these tanks are available in single, double or triple compartment configurations. Pump choices include Conde, Masport and Jurop in both gasoline and diesel. 

Does your portable restroom outfit handle emergency jobs? If so, the CUSITEC 300 slide-in unit from Sanitarios y Quimicos de Mexico is your tank of choices. Designed for emergency situations, it features 200-gallon waste and 100-gallon freshwater compartments, with a Conde 35 cfm vacuum pump, a 6.5 hp gas engine and a 70 gpm Shurflo pump. 

More and more stories are popping up in the news about truck rollovers, which are caused by many things, including the “slosh” factor. Reduce sloshing and protect yourself and your drivers against rollovers with the slide-in vacuum tank from Crescent Tank Mfg. that offers a low center of gravity. The unit features a 350-gallon waste/200-gallon freshwater tank, with all operations located at the back of a 1-ton pickup or flatbed truck. Other features include a Masport vacuum system, 9 hp Honda electric start engine and electric water pump. 

Also keep in mind that a balanced truck, with hauling weight constantly distributed evenly inside the tank, will help the longevity of the truck. 

Another unit designed for weight distribution is the slide-in unit from Lely Manufacturing, which features a Conde Super 6 vacuum/pressure pump, with an electric-start Honda 5 hp motor. Its freshwater compartment is designed for equal weight distribution. Options include Jurop or Masport pumps, and steel or aluminum construction. 

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