Meet the Service Tech of the Year

Mark Snyder attributes his success to putting the customer first and an emphasis on safety
Meet the Service Tech of the Year
Mark Snyder, PSAI Service Tech of the Year

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As a busy technician at Northwest Cascade/Honey Bucket in Puyallup, Washington, logging more than 100 miles a day or more, Mark Snyder notes, “Every day is different.”

One day that was notably different for Snyder was when he was recently named the 2015 Service Tech of the Year by the Portable Sanitation Association International (PSAI).

“I was very surprised,” says Snyder, 44, who has worked for Honey Bucket for the past eight years. “I know my name was put in at the last minute.”

That nomination was thanks to Snyder’s supervisor, Honey Bucket’s North Puget Sound Regional Manager Marshall Emmons.

“Mark has been an outstanding employee for us in many regards,” says Emmons. “His attendance record is exemplary; in a nonstop business like ours, that’s really important.”

But Snyder doesn’t just show up for work, Emmons says. “He has an excellent attitude of willingness … taking care of customer needs is paramount. He’s always willing to readjust his day or reset his plans depending on what the company needs to do. That’s a big deal for us.”

Snyder, while modest, agrees that working for the customer is what his job is all about. “It’s the fact that what I’m doing means something to someone,” he says, noting that he is on a first-name basis with many customers, especially on the bigger accounts, and he regularly checks in with them. “Some people don’t understand how much that means to people,” he notes.

Before beginning at Honey Bucket, Snyder worked in retail, running the back room of a Sears store. He says he honed his customer service skills in that world and brings them to the portable sanitation industry.

“I do everything possible to make sure I clean the units on time,” he says. “I think I should go out of my way to make sure the customer gets what they pay for.”

In addition to his PSAI service technician certification, as well as certification to service all Honey Bucket equipment, Snyder has earned the credentials required for access to servicing oil refineries, military installations and homeland security sites.

“(Being) trustworthy is a real big deal for us … period,” says Emmons, noting that it is especially important on sites that require additional security, such as naval bases. “He does a really good job of taking care of some of our larger customers, such as the military bases and oil refineries, so he has to maintain credentials and a good safety record.”

And Snyder’s safety record is, in fact, impeccable. He has worked his entire eight years without a single safety incident, and he wears his “Five Years Safe” jacket with pride.

“If you’re not safe, what does that tell everyone else?” he says. “You’re out there with (the company) name on the truck.”

As with most companies in the industry, summer is an especially busy time. “If you can make it through the summer, you’ve got it made,” he says. Summer is “go, go, go,” he says, noting, “The paycheck’s nice, but expect to be worn out at the end of the week.”

Even with long hours, Snyder says he especially enjoys “getting out and seeing the scenery; every time I’m on route, it’s something different.”

He also enjoys spending his down time with his family, which includes his wife (the mayor of the neighboring small town of Hamilton) and two little girls. 

Emmons speaks with pride not only of Snyder but what the PSAI award brings to Honey Bucket. “It’s a big deal for us,” he says. “I think the last time we won (this award) was seven or eight years ago.

“For me, it’s a big deal because I use (Snyder) as an example. Morale is a motivating factor for my other guys.” 


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