A Free Marketing Opportunity You Might Be Missing

Reach a bigger audience with just your smartphone and a little creativity

A Free Marketing Opportunity You Might Be Missing

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Over the years, deciding where to spend your marketing dollars has become harder and harder. There are so many ways to reach customers these days, and you have to decide whether to put all of your money into one outlet or spread your money over many different outlets. 

At one time, a TV commercial would have been a great way to get your company information out to a wide variety of potential customers. While it may have cost a lot of money upfront, you were able to specify demographics or zip codes when broadcasting it. Some would say it also made your company seem more professional. 

Unfortunately, with the advent of the DVR and watching TV via online streaming, it is easy for viewers to completely avoid commercials. So why waste your money, right?

Billboards seem like a similar waste of money these days. The cost upfront can be expensive. For a small company, it would be prohibitive depending on where the billboard is located. As a frequent highway driver, I can tell you I rarely pay attention to billboards. If I am not looking, are other people?

For a small business, social media is the best bang for your buck these days. I am sure you have all heard the benefits of social media marketing: not only is it free, but it also allows you to reach many demographics with just a 140-character message. The flip side is that it can take years to build up followers to a company’s Facebook page, Twitter page or YouTube channel. Social media outlets have to be posted on regularly and constantly monitored in order to build a following. The man-hours behind a successful page are high, but so is the reward.

Facebook and Twitter are widely talked about and probably most of you have one or both of these, but have you considered a YouTube channel? Anyone with a smartphone can take a video. With a few quick clicks, you can upload any video to be watched by people around the globe. The ease of YouTube and the variety of content makes it a great marketing opportunity for any business.

But, maybe you just don’t know what to post to your new channel? You can post anything. That is one of the benefits of this business. We are not confined to one type of content. Footage of large events, interviews with customers or how-to videos are just a few of the things you can feature. But, any time you find a new outlet for your business, the best way to proceed is to look to the pros. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Service Sanitation, located in Indiana, does a great job with their YouTube channel. (If you haven’t seen their “Jingle Johns” video from Christmas time, check them out here: 2016 video and 2015 video.) They have taken a creative angle with their channel, and with more than 220,000 viewers, they are clearly doing something right. They post a large variety of videos but always with an interesting twist to keep viewers coming back for more.

The most important thing to remember is to post consistently. It is easy to forget. But it is also easy to lose momentum that way. Post regularly, and then share it with the world via Twitter and Facebook. This is free marketing at its finest, so give it a try. Just pull out your iPhone and start filming.

About the author: Alexandra Townsend is co-owner of A Royal Flush, based in Philadelphia.


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