Restroom Reports: Oct. 30, 2017

Not-quite news concerning PROs and portable restrooms from around the web

Restroom Reports: Oct. 30, 2017

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A bomb threat was found written on a portable restroom at a construction site near a Little River-area hospital (in Horry County, South Carolina, near Myrtle Beach). The note warned that a small bomb would go off at a designated time on the second floor of the McLeod Seacoast Medical Center. The threat was investigated, but no evacuations were made, and it was determined to be unfounded.

Sin City Portables had 98 percent of their inventory at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, where the horrific shooting took place on Oct. 1. The company’s restrooms were held for a few weeks as part of the crime scene, and some units may be damaged from bullets. Sin City Portables makes most of its revenue doing events this time of year, so not having its restrooms available caused some worry for owner Randy Goldstrom. He just doesn't want to let a tragic situation win. "It's horrible what he did. He affected multiple people: all the businesses that were there and all the victims that were there," Goldstrom says in the article.

Negative attitudes toward portable restrooms come as no surprise to anyone in the industry. One woman was so upset by the presence of one in her neighborhood that she wrote a strongly worded letter to the editor of the Portland Press Herald, railing against the “disgusting” toilet and complaining that “Anybody who walks down the street is assaulted by this eyesore.” She also wonders about the environment when the unit leaks. Two people shut her down in the comments, which makes this worth a read.

They’re not all in portable restrooms, but here’s a fun roundup of 10 odd things found in toilets. The usual snake and a guy searching for his cellphone, plus a couple things we’ve never seen before.

There’s portable, and then there’s really portable ... hand-held, in fact. The TravelJohn (or TravelJane) is a hand-held plastic pouch that allows you to relieve yourself anywhere. It's nontoxic and safe for disposal in the trash.

While the TravelJohn is meant for the guy stuck in traffic or a cop on a stakeout, this portable toilet is more altruistic. It’s designed with natural-disaster victims in mind. It’s collapsible, allowing for easy transportation, and it can be assembled with found objects like plastic bottles. It fits in a bag also designed to carry 16 liters of water. See more about the Minimilet toilet here.

Outdoor vault restrooms found in national parks and other wilderness areas are deathtraps for birds like woodpeckers and owls that nest in tree cavities. Thousands of birds die in the holding tanks of these restrooms every year. The Teton Raptor Center devised a screen to keep the birds out and is working with agencies nationwide to install them everywhere. Read about the Poo Poo Project here.


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