Restroom Reports: Feb. 19, 2018

Not-quite news concerning PROs and portable restrooms from around the web

Restroom Reports: Feb. 19, 2018

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It’s disappointing when a portable restroom is used for nefarious purposes. A well-known ultrarunner was disqualified from the Across the Years multiday race event for cheating. Kelly Agnew was caught ducking into a portable restroom to kill some time, then popping back out to appear at the finish as if he had completed a lap of the course. This display of poor sportsmanship also called his previous victories at the event into question, and he was retroactively disqualified from several prior races.

The aftermath of the holiday season often brings a certain degree of sadness. All the festivities are over, that resolution to go the gym every day is hanging over your head, and several more months of winter loom before us. It’s even more depressing when all your outdoor Christmas decorations are stolen and turn up in mid-January stuffed inside a portable toilet.

A stolen portable restroom in Dutch Settlement, Nova Scotia, was reported in the news as much for the jokes as the crime. “The police have nothing to go on” … ha ha. Police hope that all the potty humor will bring attention to the story and help find those responsible.

Traffic on an early morning drive to work can be hazardous enough. But recently commuters driving through SeaTac, Washington, on southbound Interstate 5 had to avoid a “runaway” restroom that was blocking a center lane on the busy highway.

False alarm. What construction workers in Loveland, Colorado, thought to be a bomb in a portable restroom turned out to be three unexploded M-80 commercial fireworks.

The strange trend of portable restroom pyromania continues:

  • Firefighters were called to a construction site in Beacon, New York, where a restroom had been set on fire.
  • Another four counts of portable restroom arson were reported in downtown Austin, Texas. At least this time a suspect was apprehended.
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, police have been investigating 11 cases of portable restroom fires in the downtown area. In some of the instances, which have destroyed a total of 19 units, adjacent buildings have also caught on fire. 


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