Conduct a Springtime Restroom Route Analysis

Have drivers look over the condition of each unit on their routes to help ensure your service is always top-notch 

Conduct a Springtime Restroom Route Analysis

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Have you ever been driving through town, spotted one of your restrooms and been completely appalled by what you saw? I think we can all agree that this has definitely happened, and it is frustrating and embarrassing.  

Nature can be harsh on our equipment, especially during the winter. In some cases, a certain toilet has been at a location for years, and by now, it looks really rough. This means that it is time for a good look at our routes and the equipment that is currently on rental.  

Years ago, Satellite Industries promoted a system for keeping your toilets in tiptop shape. Each week the service driver would check certain parts of the toilet, along with the weekly pumpout, to make sure that the toilets were always in working order. One week would be door hinges, the next week would be toilet seats, and so on. This meant that your equipment was constantly being checked and repaired, and you knew it was in perfect working order. Over time, this system has fallen by the wayside, and now, in our case, the restrooms need some work.

With that thought in mind, we went directly to the drivers. We explained what we saw on certain sites and started talking to them about their routes. There’s no better source to go to.

From those discussions, we decided on a list of criteria we were concerned with and gave it to each route driver. 

  1. Does the number of units in billing match what is on the route? 
  2. Is anything broken, in need of repair, or does the toilet just look old and need to be exchanged?
  3. Does the toilet have stickers? Is our logo on all three sides? Is there a service sign-in sheet on the door? 

All are important to our business and something that may have been overlooked for far too long. During this process, we were able to get a really good idea of what we have out on rental. We saw holes in our billing or basic clerical errors that we needed to fix. What is the point of renting toilets to a customer if you aren’t billing them for that service?

This process also allowed us to swap out the toilets that were really beat up and old-looking. We brought those back to our shop, power washed them and patched them up, or scrapped them if they were beyond repair. Through this, we were able to get a really good idea of what we owned and what we needed to buy before the upcoming season.

It can be really hard to look at the weakest parts of your business. No one wants to be confronted with the old, ugly toilets or the angry customers. But if you know what you need to work on, your company can only get better. It is well worth the time and energy to take a good look at your routes and start to clean them up before the season starts.

About the author: Alexandra Townsend is co-owner of A Royal Flush, based in Philadelphia.


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