Luxury Restroom Trailers Fuel Revenue Growth

California’s Jay Faubel is happy to meet the demand for nicer portable sanitation equipment

Luxury Restroom Trailers Fuel Revenue Growth

Technician Luis Alvarez preps a Satellite Suites restroom trailer for delivery to a customer. (Photo by Collin Chappelle)

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When Jay Faubel, owner of AAA Quality Services in Farmersville, California, entered the portable sanitation business in 1990, pink restrooms were a novelty, and there weren’t many options for types of equipment. Things have changed a lot.

“Back in that time, we didn’t really have flushing toilets, and we definitely didn’t have the real deluxe (restrooms) with air conditioning and hot-water sinks and that kind of thing,” he recalls.

The new equipment has opened up additional markets for portable sanitation service, he says.

“It’s a whole different customer clientele. You’re dealing with people who are having a really nice wedding or having a nice weekend function,” he explains. “We even put an attendant out there with some of those to keep trash picked up and just keep the place looking nice. That’s usually an event for a couple hundred people.”

Faubel’s company, which employs 125 people in his portable sanitation service division, has thousands of portable restroom units from PolyPortables, a division of Satellite; PolyJohn; and Satellite Industries. But over the years, he has added some of the more luxurious event restrooms including solar-powered units from NuConcepts and restroom trailers from Satellite Suites and Advanced Containment Systems.

He said his company has provided restroom trailers to McDonald’s when it is remodeling bathrooms so the restaurants can stay open during remodeling. Those restaurants need hot-water sinks to meet Health Department requirements.

AAA Quality Services also provides restroom trailers to several fruit packing businesses on a seasonal basis. They also need hot-water sinks for their employees.

Smaller trailers — two stalls on the ladies’ side and a stall plus a urinal on the men’s side, with hot-water sinks and air conditioning — sometimes get called into service for offices that have temporary problems with their plumbing.

Most of the company’s trailers are white, but Faubel says he has some that are wrapped to depict outdoor scenes such as a national park or an ocean sunset.

Faubel says he is pleased with the demand for the luxury equipment.

“They don’t go out every single weekend. They go out about a third of the time, I’d say. I’m very happy with that,” he says. “There are times during the summer that we’ll have all of them out. People who use them will usually call back for them again. They’ll use them once a year or maybe a couple of times a year. Like some (customers) have say, they are nicer than the ones they have in the house. They’re a showpiece, they really are.”

Read more about AAA Quality Services in the August issue of Portable Restroom Operator. 


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