Restroom Reports: 2018’s Greatest Hits

A look back at the year’s top not-quite news items concerning portable restrooms

Restroom Reports: 2018’s Greatest Hits

Let’s end this year of mishaps and toilet-related mayhem with a greatest hits collection culled from the 2018 Restroom Reports. Of course we cherry-picked only the best to share with you. What? Did you expect us to haphazardly toss any old story at you like an M-80 sailing into a portable restroom on Halloween? Enjoy the rundown and have a happy new year. 

• January: We’ve heard of toilet bowls, we’ve heard of fish bowls, but a toilet shark bowl? Read here for more information about what some whippersnappers in North Carolina pass off as vandalism.

• March: There have been plenty of reports of people packing it into portable restrooms for various social media challenges. But finding a two-clown metal-jazz band (with an unsung klezmer influence) playing in a portable is definitely unexpected. Watch, listen and be mesmerized.

• June: We all know Dorothy took the Wicked Witch of the East out with her house in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Could a portable restroom have done the trick as well? This dust devil sure tried to find out.

• July: WWE’s Monday Night RAW, two wrestlers and a portable restroom. What more do you want for entertainment? Get the full smackdown here.

• December: When a lonely, unwanted port-a-potty is left out in a residential neighborhood, what are the residents to do? They deck its halls. What do we do with the resulting warm-fuzzy news story? Why, we put together a flimsy parody Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, of course. Check out the caroling fun here.


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