Restroom Reports: Greatest Hits of 2019

The best of the year's not-quite news concerning PROs and portable restrooms from around the web

Restroom Reports: Greatest Hits of 2019

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As always, let’s end this year of deleterious restroom disasters with a greatest hits collection culled from 2019’s Restroom Reports. From joyriders and general flimflammery to vandalism; enjoy this rundown of not-quite news and have a happy new year. 

March: A joyrider takes a vacuum truck on drunken relay race. Need we say more?

April: How far will consumers go to acquire amenities, such as a portable restroom for personal use at their music festival campsite? Portable restroom operators and Country Thunder festival organizers found out this summer. 

June: A renegade restroom found its wings clipped by Toronto police before it could finish Houdini-ing its way off of a construction site. 

August: An international edition of Restroom Reports left readers a bit blue in the face and reminded everyone to always apply the parking brake at a mountaintop pit stop. 

October: When the internet hands you a mixed bag of arson, a golden ticket and more arson, you write a top 10 countdown that would make David Letterman cringe. 


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