Bring on the Fun With These Marketing Tactics

This story is the second in a two-part series about Pit Stop Portables’ creative marketing efforts

Bring on the Fun With These Marketing Tactics

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Pit Stop Portables’ comic strip is only one way the company uses creative marketing to spread its superhero theme and educate customers.

On the British Columbia-based company’s website homepage, a corporate video with an edgy vibe welcomes prospective clients and talks about the company. It also produces some short, cheeky YouTube videos starring “Dr. Mythbuster” — played by Shannon Mitchell, director of marketing and major accounts — dispelling the rumors about portable restrooms.

Put me back on hold!

If you call Pit Stop Portables and get put on hold, consider yourself lucky. The Adventures of Peyton Pit Stop take the place of hold music. “We get feedback all the time,” says Paige Paquette, marketing assistant. “We’ve had people say, ‘Would you please put me back on hold?’”

In partnership with the Canadian firm Dynamic Productions, which produced the recording, the telehold won the MARCE Award from the On Hold Messaging Association.

One of the judges commented, “This is one of the most entertaining hold productions I’ve heard. Love the music, love the entertainment, can’t stop laughing about the production. It’s the type of production that I would ask to be put back on hold. What I like most about this production is the creativity as it relates to the type of industry this is all about.”

Mitchell sums it up, stressing the need for an appropriate amount of levity within portable sanitation. “We’re not in the sexiest business, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun.”   

Don’t forget to check out the first story covering the company’s original comic strip, The Adventures of Peyton Pit Stop.


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