Restroom Reports: January 2020

Not-quite news concerning PROs and portable restrooms from around the web

Restroom Reports: January 2020

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The editor’s cup runneth over with worthy Restroom Reports this balmy January morning in northern Wisconsin. The Portable Restroom Operator editorial desk had its pick and was able to throw aside the usual banal toilet explosions, enjoy.

CES 2020, TECH EAST, LAS VEGAS — Bearlicious toilet paper company Charmin wants to “Bring people a better bathroom experience,” says Rob Reinerman, brand director. The company’s GoLab set out to do that beginning with a presentation of prototypes at CES 2020 earlier this month.

Perhaps most interesting of GoLab’s offerings is the V.I.Pee, a virtual-reality-equipped luxury portable restroom. Patrons of the V.I.Pee can wear an Oculus Rift S headset while using the restroom, providing an escape from the unbearable two-minute ordeal that is using a portable restroom. However did anyone cope with using a portable restroom before? 

Charmin plans to unleash the gimmick at music festivals and their ilk. No word yet on how they keep the headset sanitized, which is especially troubling considering how easily bacteria transmits via the eyes. 

To see GoLab’s other innovations, read the Gizmodo article here.

LOS ANGELES — America’s largest rideshare company, Uber, continues its swirling descent as reports recently surfaced that it segregates portable restrooms for its drivers from “employees” at a driver service facility. According to Motherboard/VICE Media, the facilities do not even meet the deeply disturbing logic of “separate but equal,” with employees receiving access to VIP units and drivers standard units. Did you know it’s still 1952 and everyone has a separate toilet out back for the help?

HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA — The Washington Post reports that police in Virginia still have no leads as to who removed more than 200 Confederate flags from the graves of Confederate soldiers at Woodbine Cemetery on Veterans Day. After transporting them across town, the individual then deposited the flags into a portable restroom tank. 

PROs, please, remind your customers: Detritus does not belong in a restroom tank. 

POLKTON TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN — Bad people, bad! Yet another report of a dog abandoned in a portable restroom rolled in right before the new year. Authorities in Ottawa County are looking for the dog’s owner after it was zip-tied into a kennel without food or water, and the kennel placed into a portable restroom at Sheridan Park. There’s nothing funny about this, people. Contact a local humane society or veterinarian to rehome pets, do not abandon them.

Source: Fox TV-17

FORT WALTON BEACH, FLORIDA — This one goes out to all the dumb criminals, as Jay Leno calls them. An Okaloosa County sheriff’s deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop in the wee hours of the morning recently only to have the motorist give chase. The man did not make it very far before striking a portable restroom with his car and then attempting to flee on foot. He was captured near the restroom after attempting to scale a retention wall and falling. 

The 41-year-old man was charged with operating with a suspended license, fleeing and eluding, leaving the scene of a crash, resisting arrest, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Oops.

Source: The Destin Log 


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