How to Implement an Effective Employee Drug Testing Program

If you choose to use preemployment drug screenings at your company, it’s crucial to create an efficient process that produces quick and accurate results

How to Implement an Effective Employee Drug Testing Program

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Not every company in this industry requires prospective employees to conduct preemployment drug screenings, but it may be a wise practice to consider.

Employees are given a lot of responsibility. They’re asked to drive company vehicles and uphold the good reputation of your company, so it is important that your employees represent your business in a safe and drug-free way.

If you choose to implement preemployment drug screenings, it is imperative that you create an efficient process that produces quick and accurate results. A drug testing process that makes potential employees wait too long for results can put your company at risk of losing a hardworking employee. Here are a few tips.

Create an In-House Program

Not all drug testing requires that you send prospective employees to a local lab and wait to be tested. In fact, companies can conduct same-day on-site drug testing with the proper training at the time of an interview. Many local drug testing companies will train human resources managers to conduct saliva- or hair-based drug testing, meaning prospective employees can get accurate results on the same day.

If you do not have the resources to train your staff on drug testing, you can still hire a local lab to do in-house testing. Many drug testing companies will gladly come to you and conduct testing that produces same-day results.

You should not keep prospective employees waiting on test results and in-house drug testing will ensure you are getting accurate results so you can quickly bring on the newest member of your team.

Create a Drug Testing Policy

If you are going to conduct preemployment drug screenings, it is important to create a drug testing policy. It is essential to ensuring screenings are efficient and fair.

When creating a policy, consistency is key. Drug testing should be conducted the same way every time for every current and prospective employee. This means if you are administering a five-panel saliva-based drug test, then you must continue using that same test for every employee. If you prefer to conduct urine testing instead of saliva or hair testing, then you should stick with that method throughout the hiring process. If your policy states that every employee must undergo a drug test, then every employee must undergo a drug test.

Consistently following your drug testing policy will ensure everyone is being treated equally.

Consult With an Expert

Creating an efficient drug testing policy is not an easy task, and you should consult with an expert on how to create the best policy. A consultant will ensure that your policy clearly states the type of testing you do and when you conduct testing. A consultant will also teach you the foundations of every drug test so you understand the type of test prospective employees are taking.

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Sarah Hope is the director of 911 Drug Testing in Tempe and Glendale, Arizona. 911 Drug Testing is a one-stop shop for background checks, drug testing, fingerprinting and immunizations. 


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