Stress Your Business’ Needs When Building a New Headquarters

Minnesota PRO sees the value in starting over from the ground up

Stress Your Business’ Needs When Building a New Headquarters

Construction of Mini Biff's headquarters, located in Hutchinson, Minnesota, was completed in 2018.

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When John McGreavey bought the name and assets of portable restroom company Mini Biff in Hutchinson, Minnesota, he decided to build a new headquarters from the ground up. The advantage? He was able to incorporate every feature he thought might help the business become more profitable and encourage new hires to stay.

“We were initially outbid on a parcel of land at the last minute, so that resulted in a delay,” McGreavey says. “But soon after, we purchased a 10-acre greenfield property and leveled 6 acres of it. To get what I wanted, I provided extremely detailed plans to the contractor and identified all of the main suppliers I wanted to use to ensure the work would be completed to the standards I was setting.”

John McGreavey
John McGreavey

McGreavey oversaw construction of a 60-by-80-foot steel building with a tall ceiling. A 30-by-30-foot office space was built into the structure. “I instructed the contractor to reinforce the ceiling above the office to allow for additional equipment storage space without losing floor space,” he says.

The building also includes a shop where most truck maintenance — short of engine or transmission rebuilds — can be performed in-house.

A former employee of global food conglomerate Cargill, McGreavey has retained the company’s strong commitment to worker safety, which was a prime consideration in the building’s design.

“On the left and right side of the building, we have two large vents; and on the far end, we have three large fans,” he says. “We’ve installed gas detectors that sample for carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. If someone is running a truck too long indoors, for example, the detector will pick up the exhaust levels and automatically open the side vents and start the fans, which would expel the bad air and bring fresh air in through the vents. That’s not a regulatory requirement, it’s a feature I insisted on.”

McGreavey also stressed creature comforts as a way to encourage workers to stay with the company for the long run.

“Given the cold weather where we are in Minnesota, I installed underfloor heating in the equipment building so our employees can work comfortably during the winter,” he says.

The building features a comfortable break room and a fully equipped washroom area with shower facilities.

McGreavey also installed floor drains and an additional water supply to create an indoor power-wash bay for company equipment. Accommodating the additional wastewater required construction of an extra-large septic system.

“Sometimes it’s simply too cold to power-wash outdoors during the winter,” he says. “This gives us the opportunity to put a clean face on our equipment all year round without workers getting frozen in the process.”

The new headquarters was ready for occupancy in February 2018.

“We’re very pleased with the way things turned out,” McGreavey says. “I wanted to project to customers that this is a professional business, and the premises reflect that — most of the customers who come here comment on how nice the facility is.”

To learn more about Mini Biff, read the contractor profile story in the July issue of Portable Restroom Operator.


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