Satellite | PolyPortables​ Expands Production Capacity With Tag 4 Hand-Wash Station

Satellite | PolyPortables​ Expands Production Capacity With Tag 4 Hand-Wash Station

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Those in the sanitation industry know how important it is to have free-standing hand-wash stations that can withstand adverse field conditions. The Tag product line by Satellite | PolyPortables offers just that, as one of the most durable and operator-friendly sinks in the industry for over a decade.

Some of the key benefits to the Tag include its ability to be transported inside most standard-size portable restrooms on the market and its minimal parts for low maintenance.

Over the years, this popular hand-wash station has seen purposeful revisions in design to improve functionality. Now, with widespread changes around the world and heightened awareness of the health benefits of hand washing, we expect our industry to see increased requirements for more hand-washing solutions as a result. Satellite | PolyPortables has announced a major upgrade to this proven workhorse that’s ready to serve the increased hand-washing demand.

Introducing the Tag 4

For the past few months, the Satellite | PolyPortables team has worked hard to develop a hand-wash station with greater production capacity to quickly fulfill high demands and improve functionality to better serve customer needs.

Thanks to the advanced technology used, the company was able to go from concept to a functioning 3D-printed prototype and now to market with a fully tested, finished quality product with greater speed than ever before.

The new Tag 4 balances the fundamental strengths of the original TagAlong sink, with improved design and functionality to offer a more operator-friendly, free-standing hand-wash station. Leveraging cutting-edge manufacturing technology, the Tag 4 is more durable and can be supplied faster, in larger quantities. Additionally, this new sink holds multiple sizes of soap and towel dispensers for greater flexibility while still fitting comfortably inside most standard-size portable restrooms for ease of transportation.

In addition to that, a new locking mechanism, easier suction port and freshwater tank access, and larger handgrips now on all four sides make the next-generation Tag 4 sink a convenient asset for your fleet.

Some of the notable improvements of the Tag 4 include:

At the base

• Enhancement with a lower suction area siphon pumpout port that is now at the base, providing easier access to pump out graywater, keeping waste away from freshwater. 

• The Tag 4 is serviceable from both sides, allowing graywater and freshwater tanks to be easily emptied and drained. 

• Two stake-down holes have been added to the sturdy base to secure it out in the field. Along with its inherent low center of gravity, the Tag 4 is built to withstand windy conditions. 

• A new foot pump can be easily accessed and maintained. This is the same pump used in other Satellite | PolyPortables hand-wash products. 

Basin/top section 

• Newly designed, large, molded-in handgrips on all four sides make it easier to handle and transport.

• A redesigned top that now flips opens allows improved access to the freshwater tank and makes the waste tank easy to clean, as it’s pressure-washer accessible. 

• The Tag 4 has also been enhanced with a quick-connect hose system, similar to the company’s Breeze sink. 

• A new locking mechanism to protect freshwater from contamination, where latches 
can be padlocked for added security. 

• Proven heavy-duty, stainless steel hinges (also used on the Tufway) are rust-free and durable. 

• Easy-to-clean, larger basins for full forearm washing and an impact-resistant nozzle. 

• And a larger backboard that now holds almost any size soap and towel dispenser on the market. 

• The Tag 4 comes standard with two towel and soap dispensers, but it can be ordered without either.

Satellite | PolyPortables says it’s working on filling the backlog of orders its customers have placed during the past weeks and months. “Demand is still high. But thanks to our increased production capacity, we will be able to fulfill these orders quickly and better serve future needs for more hand-washing solutions that we expect our industry will continue to see,” says a company spokesperson.

For more information, or to request a quote, please contact Satellite | PolyPortables at 800-883-1123 or email


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