Webinar -- Profitable Billing Strategies: A Deep Dive for Portable Restroom Rental Businesses

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In this operator-led webinar, we’re going to discuss how the most profitable portable toilet businesses leverage billing to their advantage. Whether you've been in the portable sanitation world for years or are just getting started, there's always something new to learn.

During this live webinar, we’ll discuss the advantages of:

     ● Billing customers daily

     ● 28-day billing cycles

     ● Requiring credit cards on file

     ● and more

…and we’ll give tips and tricks on how to quickly and easily implement them into your current processes.

As an added bonus, everyone who registers for this webinar will receive a FREE copy of ServiceCore’s newest e-book, "The Complete Billing Playbook for Portable Restroom Rental Businesses."


Sara Hank, Implementation Specialist

Sara is a former operator who joined ServiceCore as an Implementation Specialist in June 2022. Prior to guiding people through getting started with ServiceCore software, she held nearly every role in the operation (excluding driver), so she knows a thing or two about what you go through on a daily basis. The two things she values most are building relationships and educating about the industry, so come help her out with both by joining us for this free educational webinar!


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