Portable Toilet Operators Compare Holding Tank and Transport Trailer Specs

Transporting portable restrooms is easier and safer with the use of specialized trailers and hand trucks. Additionally, holding tanks offer a temporary solution when auxiliary wastewater or freshwater need to be stored. Here are some trailers, holding tanks, hand trucks and other accessories to consider.
Portable Toilet Operators Compare Holding Tank and Transport Trailer Specs
Portable restroom mover

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Transporting portable restrooms is easier and safer with the use of specialized trailers and hand trucks. Additionally, holding tanks offer a temporary solution when auxiliary wastewater or freshwater need to be stored. Here are some trailers, holding tanks, hand trucks and other accessories to consider.

Transport Trailers

Portable restroom transport trailer

The portable restroom transportation trailer from Johnny Mover Trailer Sales features a skid locking system that secures multiple restroom units using an iron bar locked into place with a chain binding system. Models are available to handle from six to 20 portable restrooms, and all feature front deflectors to protect units from road spray and debris, brakes, paint options, lighting and leaf-spring suspension, with optional powder coating and chrome wheels. 800/498-3000; www.cesspoolcleaners.com/johnny.html.

Easy-loading transport trailer

Restroom delivery trailers from Liquid Waste Industries are made from heavy-duty steel and feature double torsion axles, electric brakes and flush-mounted lights. Available with or without 4-foot side rails, trailers have built-in winch straps on all corners and a T-beam down the middle to secure one side of the skid. Hooks are evenly spaced along the sides to weave through and over skids. Trailers are 23½ inches high for easy loading and unloading. Custom upgrades include gates, leaf spring axles, fold-down ramps, LED lights and choice of hitches. 877/445-5511; www.lwiinc.com.

Adjustable transport trailer

Explorer Toilet Transporters from McKee Technologies – Explorer Trailers feature easy-to-adjust carrier slats that box in virtually any size restroom skid, so multiple-sized skids can be configured securely in the same load. Models range in size from 8 to 48 feet, accommodating up to 24 units. All include fully independent suspension axles that virtually eliminate side-to-side shock transfer. They are available with front wind deflectors to protect units from road spray, stones and wind loading. Complete hot-dip galvanizing is available for corrosion protection. 866/457-5425; www.explorertrailers.com.

Remote-site restroom trailer

The CUSITEC 3000 S portable restroom transport trailer from Sanitarios y Quimicos de Mexico was designed for remote areas where a service truck is too costly or not available on a daily basis. It features a two-compartment self-contained bottom tank, with 126 gallons for wastewater and 65 gallons for freshwater for services and clean up. The trailer is ideal for use in oilfields, pipelines, railroad maintenance areas, agricultural fields and for special events. It can be used up to 3,000 times before servicing, and features an easy-discharge valve and 42-gallon water tank for the hand-wash unit. 915/239-8919; www.syqonline.com.

Holding Tanks

Polyethylene holding tank

Rotationally molded polyethylene holding tanks from PolyPortables are often used under on-site office trailers, but have also been used for temporary waste storage in other locations. The 250-gallon low-profile tank is 18 by 48 by 72 inches, and weighs 100 pounds. Four clean-out ports are typically installed on each tank, with two on the top in opposing corners and one on each end, but a custom tank with as few as two ports is available. A uni-seal grommet and threaded PVC connector are inserted in each port. A 300-gallon tank with one 10-inch manhole, two 3-inch spin weld ports and two universal clean-outs is also available. Tanks can easily be daisy-chained together to increase capacity. 800/241-7951; www.polyportables.com.

Internally strengthened holding tank

Holding tanks from Satellite Industries are made of strong, impact-resistant polyethylene, have two internal pillars for added support, and thickened corners to protect against early wear-through. Fittings are molded for greater strength, and all ports and connectors are recessed to guard against breakage. Tanks have end-to-end standard rubber fittings to increase storage waste when needed, and are designed to be stackable. They have a capacity of 350 gallons, weigh 130 pounds and feature six ports (four top and two end) that are the same as 3-inch Schedule 40 pipe. 800/883-1123; www.satelliteindustries.com.

300-gallon holding tank

The 300-gallon holding tank from T.S.F. Company is a low-profile 16 inches in height, designed to easily slide beneath an RV or a field office safely and out of sight. The placement of two 3-inch holes is standard, one in the corner for clean out and easy access from the side of the trailer, and another provided for the plumbing. Varied-size holes or spin-welds can be installed anyplace in the tank for any application. They have been certified in the states that require certifications, require them by the truckload for temporary waste storage due to devastation, or are required to have above-ground tanks in campgrounds. 800/843-9286; www.tuff-jon.com.

Portable Restroom Movers

Portable restroom mover

The Mini-Metro Mover from Allied Forward Motion has a load capacity of 525 pounds. The portable, collapsible restroom mover fits on a truck, weighs 56 pounds and has four pneumatic tires, formed steel construction and black acrylic E-coat finish. 920/493-2987; www.minimetromover.com.

Transport dolly

The Armal transport dolly is ideal for moving any Wave standard portable restroom from one location to another. It is made of lightweight aluminum, and compact, making it easy for one operator to maneuver a portable restroom quickly. It is made for rigorous daily use, and speeds up the process of picking up and/or dropping off portable toilets in a safe and efficient manner. 770/491-6410; www.armal.biz.

Restroom hand truck

The Super Mongo Mover hand truck from Deal Assoc. moves both standard and ADA handicap restrooms. Its aluminum and steel frame is lightweight and strong, and is available with up to eight wheels for use on soft ground. The operator stands on the rear axle so all their body weight works to help tip the restroom, while the long handle provides leverage, making it easier to tip back heavy restrooms with minimal strain. It can be carried on the back bumper of a vacuum truck or trailer, or strapped to a restroom for transport. 866/599-3325; www.dealassoc.com.


Vinyl Graphics

ScreenTech Imaging offers digital printed full-color graphics that include decals, banners, signs, vehicle wraps and trade show displays available in any shape or size. Digital printing is economical, fast and effective, and offers more choices to reach customers. The company offers large photo realistic banners for the side of a building, or full-color pumper tank wrap decals. The digital print process has been expanded by providing large digital banner printers, fast flatbed digital presses and fast digital i-cutters and routers. 800/829-3021; www.screentech.com.


Suction hose

Tigerflex Tiger Green from Kuriyama of America is a black, flexible, lightweight EPDM rubber suction hose with a bright green polyethylene helix construction for outdoor wet or dry applications. It is chemical resistant, flexibile and durable. Abrasion-resistant green helix is designed to slide easily over rough surfaces and around objects, making it easier to handle. 847/755-0360; www.kuriyama.com.


Solar portable restroom light

Power for LunarGlo solar LED lighting comes from a large solar cell, which is coupled to a lithium-ion battery through a complex circuit board that controls the functions of the light. The sun turns the unit off and on automatically. There are no moving parts to break or fail. The four LED lights provide adequate lighting at a comfortable level. The unit is designed to operate in a wide variety of atmospheric conditions, is waterproof and UV protected. 574/294-2624; www.lunarglo.com.


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