Standard Restrooms, Hand-Wash Equipment and Supplies

Standard Restrooms, Hand-Wash Equipment and Supplies
Soap needed in high-temperature conditions

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Soap needed in high-temperature conditions

Problem: A portable restroom operator in central California serves agricultural customers, placing portable restrooms and hand-wash stations throughout produce fields waiting to be picked. The growers must provide hand soap that is dye- and fragrance-free, stands up to high heat, and doesn’t become so thin that it drips when temperatures exceed 90 degrees. Changing dispensers would be cumbersome because there are hundreds of dispensers scattered across multiple farms.

Solution: Hauler Agent provided Whisk, a scent-free, dye-free lotion soap that won’t drip under extreme heat.

Result: The soap filled all the dispensers with ease. 888/557-1460;

Florida portable restroom company chooses lighting for units

Problem: AAA Porta Serve of High Springs, Florida, maintains a number of recreational and job site restrooms used at night, as well as supporting festivals that often don’t conclude until after midnight. Using restrooms after dark takes patrons longer and can leave restrooms messy. During the recent Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show, AAA staff looked for solar lighting products that would be easy to install, vandal-resistant and provide adequate light.

Solution: Owner Ross Ambrose and field supervisor Darren Fout met Rex Barton of RJ Products to see the Lunarglo Solar Light in operation, watch the installation process and discuss the durability of the units. Ambrose and Fout decided to try the product.

Result: Ambrose recently placed a second order. “The lights not only provide a more comfortable environment for our customers, but lit restrooms are much easier to clean due to the customers being able to see at night,” he says. “Our team services units more quickly, everyone benefits from increased cleanliness and the lights are a great surprise for those ‘dreading’ having to use a portable restroom at night.” 574/294-2624;


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