Product Spotlight - August 2021

Product Spotlight - August 2021

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Spot sensors from LooView provide real-time tracking of restroom inventories

Portable restroom operators can lose hundreds of hours annually using traditional methods of route planning and service dispatching. Through the use of GPS location technology, LooView Spot sensors determine an asset’s location and current service-need status, providing real-time data and sending notifications when equipment is on the move, complete with geo-fencing and geo-alerts.

“The benefit to portable restroom operators is a drastic reduction in the amount of money spent on fuel, wages, service supplies and vehicle maintenance by eliminating time servicing units unnecessarily,” says Jackie Lambert, herself a former operations dispatch manager at a portable restroom rental company, and now Brand Ambassador of LooView. “Imagine if a portable restroom had a device inside the tank that precisely detected the fluid level and notified the software that the unit is at a certain capacity, requiring service. The unit is automatically added to the service route so that it can be attended to as soon as possible. Opposed to the typical static frequency of weekly service, which may be too soon to service or not soon enough.”

Unlike hard-wired mechanical and sonar solutions, the Spot uses 256 infrared lasers to ensure accuracy and reliability when it comes to tank level monitoring. These lasers use 3D contour mapping methods to scan and create an averaged-out topographical map of the inside of the holding tank, providing an accurate reading of a tank’s fill-level. The LooView software instantly determines which toilets need servicing, plans the most efficient route and sends it to the driver’s smartphone. Dispatchers can also remotely view and finalize computer generated routes.

LooView also gives operators the peace of mind that all portable restrooms are accounted for at a glance. For example, if a toilet has been moved by a customer or tipped over, the sensor will immediately send an alert so a technician can respond without skipping a beat.

“From personal experience, dispatchers spend hours each day punching information into spreadsheets to track customers and inventory,” Lambert says. “Needless to say, before LooView I was stressed and frustrated with the lack of organization and overwhelmed with paperwork.”

Lambert says Spot sensors can lower the cost of doing business for PROs. According to her, “With remote monitoring and access to real-time sensor data, PROs can gain unprecedented visibility into your operations, allowing them to more efficiently allocate resources where they’re needed the most.” 855-960-1090;  


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