Restroom Reports: October 2019

Not-quite news concerning PROs and portable restrooms from around the web

Restroom Reports: October 2019

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With the mixed bag of portable restroom-related incidences in the Portable Restroom Operator inbox this month, it seemed fitting to round up and break down the lot. And with no further ado, here’s the October top 10 Restroom Reports countdown:

10: The number of restroom trailers reserved for the defunct Woodstock 50 according to Vice — along with 640 portable restrooms and an unpaid $450,000 sanitation tab.  

9: The number of items in the lost and found this month: two jailbirds (escapee 1 and escapee 2), two hideaways (one and two), one corpse, one drunk bloke, one Sunday sleeper, one poor pup and one PGA fiancé.

8: The number of portable restrooms burnt out by this upstanding Pittsburgher.

7: The number of restrooms “accidentally” lit on fire by yet another Pittsburgher.

6: The number of portable restrooms arsons reported this fall in Arlington Heights, Illinois. 

5: The number of rules of etiquette for using a portable restroom according to one radio station. Paging Emily Post, Miss Manners, Emily Post! 

4: The number of items — one restroom and three vehicles — damaged when a Madison, Wisconsin, man set fire to a portable restroom and the fire quickly spread. This guy sounds like a one-man Rube Goldberg machine of chaos.

3: The number of portable restrooms damaged by vehicles this month. They’ve been crashed into and dragged down the road with no respect, to quote Mr. Dangerfield.

2: The number of toilets found lollygagging in the street, in Wales and in Boston respectively. 

1: The number of golden tickets found in a portable restroom in Wales. The lucky ticket-holder now has a golden ticket with a golden chance to attend Glastonbury Festival. 

In other news

LOS ANGELES — In this high-tech world, it’s often expected that smartphones, smart speakers and smart whatevers should be able to talk back to consumers. But that expectation can go a tad too far at times. For example, does anyone really want an automated toilet that sings to users?

THE INTERWEBZ — While we’ve seen drivable portable restrooms before, such an experience isn’t accessible to your average restroom user. Alas, the newly released Backwoods Bangers expansion pack for popular PlayStation racing game Wreckfest will let players do just that, virtually at least. Check it out.

NEW ZEALAND — To be clear, there is no question that this trailer-hitch toilet is an abomination. 


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