Solar Lights Make Nighttime Restrooms Safer and More Appealing to Users

Solar Lights Make Nighttime Restrooms Safer and More Appealing to Users

A technician at AAA Porta Serve loads a portable restroom unit. 

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Festivalgoers at the end of the evening, fishermen heading to their boats in the early morning hours, construction crews working summer nights — Ross Ambrose knows these people do not want to use a portable restroom in the dark. The owner of AAA Porta Serve in High Springs, Florida, routinely puts lights in all new units and now has them in most of his inventory.

The lights he uses are from LunarGlo. The solar-powered units are easy to install, taking only a couple minutes. The light uses a long-life, lithium-ion battery to store power, and the four LED bulbs can provide up to 80 hours of illumination on a single charge. It takes 16 hours of sunlight to recharge the battery. Lights automatically turn on in the dark. The units are encased in a shock-resistant body designed to withstand vandalism and power washing.

Ross Ambrose of AAA Porta Serve
Ross Ambrose of AAA Porta Serve

“They’re very bright,” Ambrose says. “And they have proven to be very durable. There’s essentially no maintenance.”

Construction sites are one area that has benefited from well-lit units. Because concrete can’t cure properly in extreme heat — a condition often found in central Florida during the summer — crews end up doing pours at night. Having lights in restrooms encourages usage of the units and helps prevent injuries.

“We also have some parks we serve that have divers,” Ambrose says. “We put one in a unit and the park called us up and said the divers really liked that unit and asked if we could we put lights in the other ones, too — so we did.” Boat docks in the winter are another important spot, as boat crews typically leave early in the day and come in late at night.

Ambrose says benefits of the lights include safer and more comfortable conditions for users, a competitive advantage for the company, easier-to-clean units because they don’t get as dirty when people can see what they’re doing, and happy customers.

Read more about AAA Porta Serve in this month’s issue of Portable Restroom Operator magazine.


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