Case Studies - March 2021

Case Studies - March 2021

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Truck decision leads to safety and compliance

Problem: Ricky’s Porta Pottys of Westfield, Massachusetts, had concerns with their service truck being overweight on the front axle, leading to premature component wear, overweight tickets and lack of adequate traction on the rear with an 800-gallon tank behind the cab of his truck. 

Solution: The business chose to purchase a Crescent Tank. The unit distributes weight across both axles both loaded and empty. A low center of gravity also made the choice safer to use. The 750-gallon waste and 350-gallon freshwater tank safely carries six to eight units.

Result: The company found several benefits with even weight distribution. They are no longer worried about an overweight front axle and found that the even distribution has provided significantly better traction. 585-657-4104;

Flatbed service truck means efficiency for PRO

Problem: Galaxy Restroom of Syracuse, New York, had a problem: It had a limited amount of capital for its annual operational growth and replacement fleet expenditures. This was due to a recent acquisition that depleted most of its capital. Meanwhile, much of the fleet it acquired was tired and outdated. The company needed to buy at least two trucks — one for service since they almost doubled in size overnight with the acquisition, and a second one to help with pickup and deliveries, as they had picked up business in the event area. 

Solution: The business chose a PortaLogix flatbed unit designed to service more than 65 restrooms on a route with an 800-gallon waste tank and 350-gallon freshwater tank in the flat bed. The same truck carries up to six units on the bed to do pickups and deliveries at the same time. 

Result: Not only did Galaxy Restroom stay within its fleet budget, but it also benefited from higher profits year over year as it invested in more PortaLogix trucks. The company then did 80% of its pickups and deliveries on routes with PortaLogix trucks, which allows for a smaller fleet and reduced expense for fuel and labor. 585-484-7009;


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